fall blessings

I almost never use purple in anything I create but I actually love this paper by Daisy D's and it was fun to work with.

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kelly said...

I found you!
I like it a lot...
I'm digging out of my
f_ _ _ _ _ _ _ FUNK!
love ya 0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0

Anonymous said...

Hey there girlfren!
This is way cool. I can not comment on kellers blog...(it takes me to a weird place when I try)....and I have had friends say that can't comment on mine either once in a while......glad you have a new one!
Love the layouts!
Miss ya sweets.
Huggers from the snow lands.....Have a great turkey day....

Jenn said...

wow!! love the layout...
beautiful page!! Lori..