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Not much going on lately. Trying to get caught up with house stuff. I haven't created anything in a few days and probably won't until next week. Bummer. Gotta finish up some pillows that a friend ordered and then my inlaws are in for the weekend. I lost four pounds in my first week on Weight Watchers. It's not that hard. I still get to have wine and chocolate, just not as much!

Friday I got to see these little cuties and get my baby fix. They are at such a cute stage and I feel so lucky to get to hold and feed them.


Saturday I spent hours on my knees scrubbing floors and baseboards. I don't know how Cinderella did it! It's a killer on the knees!

Waiting patiently for the Sox to play again tomorrow. So glad the season is underway. Good times.

Good thing I got lots of books read in the first three months of this year. I don't read as much during baseball season. Right now I'm reading the third book in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyers. Not my usual kind of books. I'm not that into fantasy but I like them. All of the "kewl" kids were reading them so I gave in. LOL. Different and original.

So what have you all been reading this year? What movies have you seen? I've only seen one movie this year, Juno. LOVED it. Good stuff.

I finished the first three seasons of Entourage. Next I will start Lost, Season One. Anybody watch that? Thoughts?

I got an email from Scrapbook Trends. One of my layouts of Nate on the beach at Whidbey Island is going to be in the August issue. I love that magazine so I'm so happy to have a layout in it. I forgot that I had submitted it!

That's all I've got kids. How about some feedback? Hello? Is this thing on?

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It's here, it's here!!!

My favorite issue of the year! Yippeeeee!


A big huge happy birthday to one of my favorite girls, Lexi!! She is my friend Pam's daughter and today she is 10! Double digits. She loves to scrapbook and she is really good at it. She loves to come over and show me her creations. Go girl! Have a happy 10th!
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I made some cupcakes!

And these cupcakes have no calories! Yum. Love my new cupcake stamps by Hero Arts. Found them at Archivers.





Have a sweet day!
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A Few Layouts...

...I have done while I should be getting my beauty sleep. I love scrappin' into the wee hours of the night watching DVDs. I hate it the next day when I am dragging though!





Thanks for peekin'!
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Nate's first game...




Thinking of opening day made me want to go back and find these pictures of opening day at Bank One Ballpark for the Diamondbacks in 2004. Nate was exactly 6 months old (those were the good old days!) I made all of my friends enter this contest to win tickets to the game and suprisingly my friend Wendy won! She happens to be a die-hard D-backs fan so it worked out perfectly.

I think I will print these and scrap them sometime. Speaking of scrapping, I got the best happy box today from AZ. Denise sent me all of Heidi Swapp's new paper, some new Making Memories, Scenic Route, Teresa Collins and more. So much to inspire me!
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Opening Day!


Well, the Sox won their first game of the season! This man, my man Manny hit a 10th inning double to pull ahead. So excited for this season. Game 2, tomorrow, 4 am! (from Tokyo again!) Can't wait 'til they come back to the US and I don't have to set my alarm to see them! :0)

I started Weight Watchers online yesterday so I've been trying to learn a little of how that all works. I know many of you who read this have tried WW or other weight loss plans so any helpful hints or words of encouragement are welcome! Anyone who wants to do it along with me, email me at lorirenn@msn.com. It's a helluva lot easier when you've got support!

Kids are off school this week. Seems to be going quickly. I have to take all three to the dentist tomorrow. Good times for sure! Especially with Nate. I have to hold him upside down and tickle him so the dentist can look in his mouth!

Going through this thyroid thing again! I've got a new "nodule" showing up there but the doctor promised me last time (6 months ago) that I would not have to get any more needle biopsies done so I'm holding him to that! That was not fun. I was told today that I have chronic thyroiditis. Gotta go GOOGLE that one!

Peace, Love and Baseball!
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Can't Wait!

Only 9 hours and 31 minutes until baseball starts! The Sox are playing their first couple of games in Japan so I have to set my alarm for 4:00 am to see the game! Crazy but I've gotta see it and I've gotta see it live. I just can't watch recorded baseball games!
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Regardless of the outcome, Opening Day still remains as the number one date in the hearts, minds (and on the calendars) of baseball fans everywhere. The official countdown begins after the last pitch of the World Series when we can't wait to hear those two magic words again, "Play Ball!"

Easter Weekend

My Brother In Law, Joe, and his lovely girlfriend, Karen came to town from Seattle for the weekend. We had a great time all weekend long. It was a short trip but we packed a lot into it. Saturday, Kirk and Uncle Joe took Joe and Nick skiing for the day while I entertained Karen and Nate. We went downtown and walked around with Nate in the stroller. We hit a few of my favorite stores. We came home and Nate napped so Karen and I played Scrabble. In the evening we went to the Flying M coffee garage in Nampa to see Nick's guitar teacher perform. It was open mic night so we saw several "interesting" performers! Easter Sunday was full of many blessings. Hope yours was as well!
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Happy Spring!


Here are a few of my favorite quotes about Spring:

"People ask me what I do in the Winter when there is no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for Spring." - Roger Hornsby

"Spring is nature's way of saying, Let's Party!" - Robin Williams

"If you've never been thrilled, to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom." - Audra Foveo

And lastly:

"Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world." - Virgil A. Kraft
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I took a bunch of photos of Joe recently. He thought I was nuts lying on the ground looking up at him. I wanted to shoot from this perspective because this is how I feel when I have to look up at him because he is so tall! (And I am so short!) He's pretty useful to have around when I can't reach stuff! :0)
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These are the gals in my FLIP group. FLIP stands for Friendship, Love, Inspiration and Purpose. We get together once a month for various activities. Last night we went to the Nampa Civic Center to see Menopause, The Musical. It was absolutely hysterical! Loved it! Even though I'm not quite there yet, I could still relate to the topics and the parodies. I'll be there soon enough. If you have the chance to see this show, GO!
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lucky ladies!

Last night we celebrated St. Patrick's Day and Michelle's birthday at Casanova Pizzeria. Michelle got a bunch of ladies together who had never met before and we all became fast friends. What a delightful bunch of gals! Lucky indeed. I just want to know one thing... why wasn't my beer GREEN?? :0)




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happy st. patty's day!

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As the old Irish blessing goes, "May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live."


and here's a few pics...

of my girls!!

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oh baby!

i had my girls over last night for what was a last minute gathering that turned out to be so much fun. all of the babies were here too. the little naked blue-eyed beauty is sara's daughter, addison. the twins are stacey's niece, clara and nephew, miles. man, i got my baby fix and then some! :0)
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