Isn't he the cutest pirate EVER? I think so!





Trick or treating did not go as we had planned, but nothing ever does with Nate, LoL! No biggie. He wore his costume long enough to get some pictures and I will treasure them.

Hope your Halloween was fun. I'll post more pictures tomorrow!

Goodbye, October.

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Happy Halloween & Five Faves!

Hey there! Hope this Halloween is finding you happy and stuffed full of candy! I should not have hidden the candy in my scrap room. Bad idea.

Here are my faves for this week:

1. I love, love, love Italian food. It is my second favorite food, next to lobster. If you are local here in Boise, you HAVE to check out this place:

Some of the best Italian food I have ever had. All of my favorites on the menu. YUM!

2. I was never a big AC/DC fan until my son Joe got me into their music. Their first CD in eight years is now available exclusively from Wal-Mart and it's called Black Ice. I love it! Joe even carved his pumpkin to express his love for the band!

Nick's theme this year was a bit more violent. Yikes!

3. This week I rented this from Netflix:

It was a great documentary. I would highly recommend it! Read more about it here.

4. Those who know me well, know that I am the queen of lip gloss!! My favorite as of late is from Sephora and it is called Buxom Lips by Bare Escentuals. You can buy it here.

5. My neighbor girls, Olivia and Morgan, knocked on my door this morning for a little "Halloween Caroling"! Lol. How cute are their tights??

I can't wait until tomorrow to share the new stuff from Shimmerz Paints with you! Today is the last day to get in on the drawing for free paints so go over to their blog and leave a comment. (Tell them I sent you!)

Have a happy and safe Halloween and link me up if you posted your faves today!

Boo to you.


Photo Booth Fun!

Here are some fun pictures we took in the photo booth at the wedding! It was such a blast! The rental included four hours of unlimited pictures, a scrapbook and an attendant. Everyone stuck there pictures in the scrapbook and then wrote their well wishes. What a great idea! I would love to have a business like that! Hmmmmm.




A little funny for you today from my homegirl, Maxine. Love her!!


Peace, Love & Coffee!
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just a quickie post...

How cute is this shirt I found for Nate at Target? It glows in the dark too!

Denise sent me this picture of her family in their costumes. Love it!! They looked so fabulous, I mean incredible!! LOL. Had to scrap it for her!

Oh and guess what? Something big is brewing over at Shimmerz. They're getting ready to launch a whole new product line -- 5 colors in a whole new formula. The best part? They're giving away a whole set of the new stuff! Click here to read the rules and enter. And then, check out the Shimmerz blog on November first to see all the new sparkly goodness!

Happy Sunday friends!

Love to ya,
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As promised...

Here are pictures of us all dressed up as Batman characters! We love to go as a foursome with the Flemings and honestly we did not put much thought or effort into it this year. But, I think we looked pretty good and we had a pretty good time to boot.




And if you recall...
this is a little flashback from last year:


Are you all dressing up this season for a party or for trick or treating? What are you going to be??

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It's Friday! Here are my faves...

Love this book by Keri Smith! Love Keri Smith period! You can buy it here. I bought her Wreck This Journal for my son Nick and he loved it! So fun!

I've got two scrappy faves this week! Alphabet stamps from Heidi Swapp (LoVe 'em!)

And for the love of all things Jenni Bowlin, can't WAIT to get my hands on this new collection:

Since I just went to Chicago (a foodie's paradise!) I have to share my very favorite Chicago food:
Giordano's Stuffed Pizza. I got to go there with Elaine and her family on Sunday and it was heaven!

Another Chicago foodie's paradise is Ethel's Chocolate Lounge. The girls and I only had one little truffle but I honestly could have sat there all day eating chocolate! I'm am a happy camper now that I know I can order them online because they don't sell them here. Yippeee! And if you live in the Chicago or Las Vegas areas and just happen to be passing an Ethel's store, pop in and buy a box for your good friend, Renn, now wontcha?? My favorite is the American Pop collection. {wink}

I could go on and on but I think that's five. You'll have to wait 'til next week for more!

TGIF. My friend Loni's annual Halloween Costume Party is tonight so tune in tomorrow for pictures of that event! We are not going to the extremes that we did last year (with the KISS costumes). Ya gotta let some other peeps have the spotlight for a change. LoL!

What are you all doing this weekend? If you post your Five Faves on your blog, let us know here!!

Loves to ya.
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Rolling Along!

My baby is learning how to ride a bike. Many thanks to his fabulous IBI therapist, Cristina!! How cute is he???



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NYC Layouts...

Well, I did something that I hardly ever do... use someone else's designs!! These designs were done by the very talented Kelly Goree for Heidi Swapp's Creative Escape event in Arizona recently. Denise picked up the kits for me at Scrapbooks, Etc in Mesa. Usually, when she sends me kits I file them away, never to be seen again, but I loved these designs and knew they would go perfectly with some of my photos from my trip to NYC this past summer. So, thanks D! I actually used them and I actually TRIED to keep the layouts just like the originals! It was hard, LoL, because the fun part for me is creating the design. I completed these a while ago and forgot to share...





My inlaws just hit the road and I hope to spend most of my day playing catch up and cleaning up my scrap room. It seriously looks like a bomb went off in here. As soon as I get organized, I can start working away at my extra long "creative to-do list"! I've got pillows and canvases and lots of things to get done! Here's to a productive day!
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the girlz!

Here are a few shots of the girls from our weekend. Elaine, Rox, Kelly and Moi! Aren't they gorgeous?





Can't wait 'til the next time we'll all get together!

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back from C-Town...

Hey y'all! I'm back from Chicago. It was a very short but fun-packed trip! I got in to town Friday night and all of the girls rushed off to Sepia for a dinner for Paige. It was a lovely restaurant with delicious food (Elaine and I ate baby octopus! YuM - tasted like chicken, LoL). I got to know Kelly's friends Rox and Elaine, and Elaine's daughters, Emma and Charlotte as well as some of Paige's friends. As Kelly suspected, Rox, Elaine and I hit it off in a big way! I felt like we had been friends forever. We shared dinner and great wine and then we were all pooped (bunch of old broads!) so Rox made some prank phone calls in the car on the way back to the hotel and then we all crashed.

Saturday I hung out with Kelly as we caught up on everything, talked and talked and ironed tablecloths for the reception!

The wedding was at A New Leaf in downtown Chicago which is actually a floral shop attatched to a banquet facility. It was so perfect, simple and unique. It was simply decorated with candles EVERYWHERE! My favorite part of the place was the courtyard.

My inlaws are in town and my Mother In Law wants to take me shopping today (FUN!) so I'm just going to to post a few pics of the STUNNING bride, Paige and the man of her dreams, Chris:





Thanks for stopping by! I love your comments so be sure to say hello! I'll be sure to post more pics of us later. I've gotta share our photo booth shots!! Way too much fun!

Love to you!
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Hey, My Friends!!


Do I look happy? Um, yeah! I think so! I'm getting ready to leave for C-Town tomorrow. Chicago here I come! It is going to be a very short and jam packed trip! The reason for my trip is to see my dear friend Kelly's daughter, Paige, marry the man of her dreams, Chris on Saturday! I haven't seen all of them for almost two years, since they moved away from Idaho. It is going to be way too much fun. Kelly thought that the only time her three best friends would meet would be at her funeral. Well not so fast. Kelly, Elaine, Rox and I will be ripping up Chicago this weekend! Friday night we are going to have a fabulous Bachelorette dinner for Paige at a fabulous restaurant in Chicago and then K's bffs will go back to our hotel to witness Rox make her infamous prank phone calls!! If any of you have ever received them then you know that you must slap on some Depends because you will pee your pants laughing! She is a HOOT!!

Paige and Chris are going to have one of those mall photo booth things at their reception. How fun is that?

I'm so excited to see my sweet friend Mandy on Sunday!! She was my best friend when I lived in Naperville, Illinois 13 years ago! I will be home on Monday and I hope to give you all an update then!

The Sox are on right now and tonight is Do or Die. They are not looking good so far but I always have FAITH! They have been there before.

I will try to post my Friday Faves tomorrow but that depends on how soon I finish packing, cleaning, paying bills, etc. etc. etc!

Love to all!
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Sox won tonight. Came from way behind. Unbelievable!!