Five Faves Friday! (um, on Sunday)

My sweet and wicked talented friend Dena does this on her blog every Friday so I thought that I would join the party! It was hard to just pick five 'cause there's just so much good stuff to tell ya about!

First, I gotta tell you about my Flip camera. Loving this little baby. I've been using it lately to video tape Nate's funky dances in his underwear in my bathroom mirror! Hilarious. Maybe I'll share one here soon. Don't tell Special K! He would freak fo sho.


You've gotta run out and get this months copy of Scrapbook Trends Magazine. So much good stuff in there from lots of my online scrappin' friends. Natey is on page 59 looking cuter than ever! ;0) wink wink!


Sex And The City comes out on DVD Tuesday. Woo Hoo! I know I'll be watching this one over and over again while cooking up some scrappy goodness in my happy place. Love it! I checked all of the Sunday ads this morning and it looks like Best Buy has it priced lowest at $14.99. I think I'll get it at Target anyway! I'll save some dough on gas.


This year will be Nate's first year trick or treating! He just wouldn't walk beside us and hold hands the last couple of years. I've got his pirate costume all ready for him and he says "arrrrr"! So cute! I've GOTTA get him this bucket for his candy...

And of course teach him how to say "trick or treat" to get it filled up with candy!

Okay, one more fave to share with you for today... GIZMOBIES for your iPod! Denise told me about these. I got this one.

Hope you've all had a great weekend! Ours has been fun. I taught a card class yesterday to ten nine year old girls. So fun! Had a date night with Special K last night. Went out to dinner and then out for a drink at a new "Saloon" here in town. It was fun! Today he is going to take care of some of the Honey-Do projects on my list and I get to scrap and watch the Red Sox! They could clinch a spot in the playoffs TODAY! Go Sox!

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Renee Lamb said...

loving the five faves girl! and how cute is that T/T pumpkin??? and those Gizmobies? CA-UTE! I don't know how I would narrow down which one I'd want! congrats on the pub - I need to pick me up the copy of that issue with all the fab ladies in there! And your page is totally rockin' - how awesome is that!!! go Sox!

Dena said...

Another 5 Faves addict in the making! I love your list. I adore Sex and the City both show and movie. I laughed, I cried, I can't wait to go rent it and make some mixed drinks and watch it from the comfort of my couch ;)
I still need to go get my ST, since they are showing me no lovin lately. I am excited to see all my friends in there :)

Anonymous said...

So cool! I can't believe you've been holding out on me!!! When did you get that sweet little camera and not tell me about it???
Looks like so much fun. I might have to treat myself to one of those too. The "Dancing Natey" video you sent me was off your phone right?
I'm so excited for Tuesday and to go get my hands on the Sex and the City movie!!!!
Loving that BB pumpkin so cute. Can't wait to see Nate in his costume :)

I'm loving this Five Fave blogging pretty sweet


Leigh said...

Great list, Lori! You inspired me to blog today, too.

Audrey Pettit said...

Hi Lori,
Just popped by your blog for the first time, and what a good time I had reading your Friday Faves post. I feel like I learned a lot about you, and you are so FUN!
Have a great day!

emily said...

love your faves! i can't wait to see sex and the city!

Jann said...

Hello my talented friend!
I got one of those "flip camera's when I bought my new laptop darlink...I will have to go and use it...so glad you love it!'
Congrats again for being pubbed! Yahooooo! Just trying to find a copy here in "Duttonville"....but theres bound to be one out there somewhere...LOL
Love and miss ya sistah!
Have a great Monday,

Nicole said...

Great faves. I think I am going to have to track down that mag!

Leslie Ashe said...

I adore your 5 faves! I want one of those flip camera's :) Ok and now I gotta have one of those Gizmobies! Seriously the cutest things ever!! I love the one you chose!

BIG huge congrats on your pub! I'm going to M's today to checky you out!

Hope you have a fabulous Monday my dear!


p.s. thanks for the Sex & The City reminder! I'm going to go get that Tuesday!

Danielle said...

congrats on your pub!! Kati's first Halloween doing the trick-or-treat thing was last year and it was hilarious to watch! fun times!!

Danielle Holsapple said...

Love your favs!!! I want that flip for sure! And I love the trick or treat pail! And hooray for your layout in SB trends!!!!!! Oh, and the White Sox game vs the Royals on Sunday....I was there to see you guys beat us!

Julie O. said...

Great picks!! I'd love to see that video of the underwear dance. LOL!!! I need to pull out my camera. Haven't used it in quite some time!

Staci said...

Oooh, I love your favs list, great idea girl! How cute is that halloween pail, I just love that! And big congrats to you on this month's ST - I can't wait to see your little guy (and another cutie I know) ;-) The flip camera looks so cool!

Jennifer said...

I'm so excited for sex and the city too!! Love your list!

DonnaBD said...

Oh! Love the fave five and that red sox pumpkin! Hope the date was fun!

Sasha said...

Girl love me some sex in the city boo boo ... do you know I just started watching it about 3 months AGO .. LOL . I know I know call me crazy and I am going to get that October issue just cuz you said .. lol

scrappermimi said...

Great idea for a post! First trick or treating...how fun. My son is 10 and thinks he is getting too old, ack!

Cool stuff, love that camera and I NEED that Sex in the City DVD too!

Congrats on the pub!

Have a great weekend!