Happy New Year!

For most baseball fans, yesterday was New Years Day.


170 days since October 19th.
55.2 inches of snow in Boston.
34 games in Florida.
1 Opening Day postponement.
It's about time.


The Red Sox were rained out at Fenway yesterday so today is Opening Day! I'm watching the pre game show now and I am so excited for the first game of the season! I can only watch half of it and then I have to go to work so I will DVR the second half... bummer!!!

Go Sox! I love ya!

Peace, Love & Baseball!


Brynn said...

Amen. Baseball is the heart of America. I love it!

Michelle ~ ~ said...

I sooooooooooooooo agree!! Go Sox!!

Anonymous said...

Go Red Sox!! Lori, I didn't realize you lived this neck of the woods. Ali