Some pursue happiness...

...others create it.


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My adorable Nate, cooling off yesterday. We have one of those five foot round plastic pools for him but he prefers Kelly's bucket. So cute! Thank goodness our next door neighbor invited us over to go swimming for real. LoL!

Ahhhhh, summer is here. Yes, I realize summer does not officially start on the calendar for three weeks but today is June first, a brand new month, and time to have fun! Joe and Nick have three more days of school. Can't wait to turn off the alarm clock. I'm even planning on getting creative again and taking some time for ME. No, really, I am!

Happy June, my friends. Hope it's a great one for us all!



kristi bisti said...

I've missed your posts... glad to hear your life with settle in the next few days. :)

Love to you all!


kristi bisti said...

dangit, 'will settle'.


Anonymous said...

I love those pictures and can't wait to see him in person and give him a big squeeze!!!

Happy June to you too my friend :)


Marie said...

What a cutie pie! Glad you're posting again. Missed you and your sweet family pictures.

I don't know when I'll post again. Not alot to write about...

Kelly said...

I think, he is so big, but then he can fit into that tub!
All I know is that he is about the cutest punky I have ever seen. I miss my Nate!
I might even miss that big tub! Aren't you suppose to fill that with ice and wine and beer?