Two days in a row??

I got to do a little creating last night while watching the Red Sox lose! Bummer. Oh well, I was happy to be creating again! I found these totally cool digital frames called Thrift-Store Chic Picture Frames Deux
By Kitschy Digitals at 2 Peas
. Aren't they fabulous? I've been playing around with them lots lately. This layout just cracks me up. My girlfriend Denise is the one person who just might be as obsessed with lipgloss as I am so I created this layout to make us laugh! I changed the quote a bit, LoL!


Speaking of lipgloss...

Here are a few that Denise and I have been digging from Sephora lately:

Guerlain KissKiss Gloss

and of course my fave:

Buxom Lips!
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Marie said...

Lori--Glad your back to scrapping! As much I love all the cooking stuff, I really, really love seeing all your creative stuff.

Wish I could be motivated to do something with all my stuff... Maybe if I just go downstairs and clean up all the mess, I might get sidetracked and start scrapping... You know getting sidetracked is so "unlike" me. grin.