This is Natey!!

He is almost six years old! I can hardly believe it! He was the best little baby in the universe. I sound like a typical mom when I say that! Nate was officially diagnosed with Autism when he was three. (And he is impossible to photograph because he never stops moving, unless he is sleeping!) He has been receiving IBI (Intensive Behavioral Therapy) for two years and has made so much progress. There are angels here on earth that work with Autistic children and we were blessed to have one of the best sent to us!

I had to post these pictures of Nate's haircut. My husband had him in a "straight jacket" hold and made me buzz his beautiful blonde mop off. :( He won't stand haircuts so I have been cutting his hair in his sleep for four years!





He is still a total cutie but I miss that mop! I am seriously considering doing the gluten free/casein free/everything free diet for him soon but I am scared. It is so hard and I am afraid of depriving him and afraid of failing.

I will pray about this and hope to decide what is best. Worth a try, right?

More about this later.

Love to you,
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Michelle ~ ~ said...

Nate is still a dollbaby ... so cute ... he seems older with the buzzcut. does he like it? I'll be praying for you too!

Anonymous said...

OMG that haircut makes him look so much older!!! put the hair back on him!! I can't believe he's turning 6. He really was the best baby ever. Remember he'd be rocking in his swing and was so quiet and well behaved and how he loved his blow up duck tub :)

Marci Knecht said...

He is a precious gift - God must think you're something special to have made you his mommy. xoxox

Scrappin Cheryl said...

You have to try to do whatever you think is best! Good luck and god bless - he is such a cutie!