Ginmabread house...



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Nate's very favorite thing about Christmas is building a gingerbread house (he says ginmabread which is so cute!) He and Cristina, his therapist, make one every year. This is the third! He decorates it and then the next day, he eats every little piece of candy off of it. He even tries to eat the house!

I am so very sorry that I forgot to post a winner for the Shimmerz Paints. Carmen, email me your address and I will send them out to you! Thank you for the link!



Anonymous said...

He's so cute!!! How fun. He looks more and more like Special K everyday :)

Renee Lamb said...

Hey love!! I just love little Nate - he's just too f'n cute!!! And I STILL love to make gingerbread houses too though I haven't made one in YEARS! I hope that's a tradition he'll always carry!!! Happy 2010 to you my dear dear friend!!! Miss you tons and love ya!!! xoxoxoxox