I've got an idea! Let's focus on just the positive today... just the good stuff. 2007 was a pretty good year for us! I want you to randomly name ten good things about 2007 as it is coming to a close. Do not put too much thought into it just think fast! Here are mine:

1. We didn't have to move to Minnesota!
2. Kirk got to take 6 months off to be home with us!
3. Nate made lots of progress with Cristina.
4. Joe and Nick are having a great year at school.
5. The Red Sox won the World Series!
6. The Red Sox re-signed Mike Lowell!
7. I created 150 scrapbook pages!
8. I got to go to Arizona twice and spend time with friends!
9. The Patriots are 14-0!
10. I'm blessed with the very BEST friends a gal could ask for!

Your turn! List them here or on your blog.
Happy Tuesday (one week 'til Christmas!)
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Anonymous said...

1. Jason will spend the holidays with us before he leaves for 4 months in the Middle East
2. My grandma Evelyn who hasn't seen Daniel in person since he was 3 months old came and was terrorized by him for a week and now understands why I don't have a lot of spare time to call her.
4. The Marine Corp didn't send my kid brother to Kosovo!
5. I discovered Sprinkles cupcakes :) and now have a purpose for my Kitchen Aid
6. Daniel and Sarah are both healthy and beautiful kids
7. Where this year was a very stressful financial year for many around the country we both have good jobs
8. My parents and in laws being the most amazing Grandparents ever
9. Being blessed with some of the most amazing females friends and KICK ASS BIG SISTER ---> YOU!
10. TIVO

Dec 2007

kella said...

1. we finally found a place to call home
2. at least I haven't gained any weight...just stayed the same
3. within a few hours drive from my family
4. I got to see Rox and meet Lola
5. my brother is feeling better
6. Paige met the guy she will marry
7. Sam started a sport that he loves...football
8. I'm starting to get my act together physically, mentally, professionally
9. everything is looking up from the last year
10. my wonderful friends and family haven't given up on me!

Kim Ross said...

1. Dad is nearby and we make a point to get together often. (And I got him a UKULELE for Christmas!!)
2. It's a miracle! Chris is actually desiring to be healthier... asking me to buy whole wheat pasta.
3. Despite a very premature birth in 2006, nephew Ash is doing very well.
4. Boise got an Archiver's and Qdoba... and coming next is WHOLE FOODS MARKET! I know, I get excited about silly stuff.
5. I took a fabulous crafting roadtrip and took a class from Karen Lockhart.
6. I stamped all year, and enjoyed the heck out of it. I've spent the last few hours cleaning my stamp room, because I want to spend even more time there.
7. I'm hatching a plan to orchestrate a Mother's Day card drive for soldiers deployed outside the USA -- so they can send cards home to their mom or to moms they know. Wanna help?
8. 2007 was great for Dad's health -- got his hand surgeries and other nagging things taken care of.
9. Met some fabulous people.
10. Enjoyed my friends and family immensely and appreciated their influence on my life.

Anonymous said...

1. My daughter is happy and healthy.
2. I was blessed with having a great daughter in my life.
3. I still get to see my daughter once a month.
4. I have a car that runs well and takes me to see my daughter once a month.
5. My friends still want me to move "home" to Boise because they miss me.
6. My husband now understands why I love Boise so much. (Hooray!!!)
7. We do have a warm and wonderful home here.
8. Everyone still calls, writes, emails to me that I left behind.
9. I could have never asked for a better partner, friend, hubby. He is a dream come true, finally I know what its like to be married to your best friend. (yippeeee)
10. I am healthier than I have been in a long time.
11. I am blessed by old friends, new friends and friends that will last a lifetime. (I know Lori but I had to add an 11th...LOL)
Happy Holidays all.