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I had the great pleasure of listening to my favorite local singer, Anna Sali last night. I love her music. She is a brilliant songwriter and singer and a beautiful person. One of her songs, Things I Never Said, always makes me cry. I talked to her last night and told her why. She writes in her song:

I'm gonna tell you now that I love you.
And I'm gonna say it with my last breath.
'Til my heart beats no more,
May I never regret things I never said.

I told my mother everyday that I loved her. She knew exactly how I felt. I will never regret that. I live by that rule now and tell the important people in my life how much I love them constantly. No regrets.

My mom passed away three years ago. She was way too young. I recently got an email from an old friend of hers, a person I never met. She searched me on the internet and found my blog. She told me my mom was the nicest human being she ever met. That about sums it up. I miss her everyday of my life. I'm scared that someday I will forget the sound of her laugh. I used to call her everyday and tell her something funny just to hear her great laugh. I still want to do that when the kids say something hilarious!

Do me a favor, leave me a note about something funny. Something your kids did or you did or whatever! Make me laugh! Make everyone who reads this laugh. Just be careful not to spit coffee on your computer screen (Renee!) or have diet coke come out of your nose.

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. - e.e. cummings

p.s. i love you.
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Marie said...

Your mom was a doll. Remember having lunch at Deer Valley with her? She was so proud of you and the life you and Kirk had made for yourselves and your boys.

Okay--my funny. You might not think its funny, because its so inappropriate, but, really, in the moment, it was a LOL moment.

I was invited to a home interior type party. The hostess called Megan and invited her to the party as well. First of all, I HATE those types of parties. If you want to have a party, have a party. Don't ask your friends to bring their checkbooks. Second of all, Megan has no money, no interior decorating taste, and no business being there. But, being good friends, we go. One of my friends doesn't make it to the party, so on the way home I call her and ask her how she got out of it. She told me her fibromyalgia was acting up and she was in too much pain. As I get off the phone, Megan (remember the kid with cancer...) says, "That Miss Janet is SO lucky. She has fibromyalgia and didn't have to go to that damn party." I almost drove off the side of the road.

LoRi said...

OMG, Marie, I love Megan. She has the best dry, dark, sarcastic sense of humor! Oops, gotta wipe the coffee off of my monitor! xoxo

Amy W. said...

my heart aches for you that you don't have your mother. i tell my family CONSTANTLY that i love them and they tell me often as well.

i hope these "dumb laws of indiana" amuse you a little.;)

-Pedestrians crossing the highway at night are prohibited from wearing tail lights.

-Mustaches are illegal if the bearer has a tendency to habitually kiss other humans.

-It is illegal for barbers to threaten to cut off kid's ears.

-One may only throw a stone at a bird in self-defense.

-No one may throw an ottoman across the street at their neighbor.


Marci Knecht said...

This morning Anna (my 5 year old) walked up to me with her hands folded like a book, she said in the most matter-of-fact voice

"Mommy, its says here in my pretend book of World Records that someone ate soap....his name was John Wilson,and he ate 70 gallons and survived". She raised one eyebrow, then folded her hands up as if to close the book then walked away.

I laughed and laughed. So laugh today Lori, your mother would want you to :)

Kim Ross said...

***HUGS*** The anniversary of my mom's passing is just a couple of days away. I know both of our moms were cherished and adored... and they knew how we felt about them. Your boys definitely have an angel up in heaven!

I couldn't think of a funny but I thought of something that might make you smile... My parents had a friend who had recently been through a divorce. They invited him over for dinner and my mom INSISTED that he bring over his dirty laundry. During dinner, she washed his clothes... and then folded them after they were dry. Pretty sweet, huh?


Anonymous said...


If I had your phone number, I would CALL YOU right now. I lost my mother 5 years ago. I felt I could have written your blog post. It is so true. I would give ANYTHING to just be able to call my mom, tell her how much I love her, how stupid I was as a teenager, for never truly appreciating her... Thank you for the reminder. Hugs Teresa C

Renee Lamb said...

oh WOW! your Mom was GORGEOUS! And you look so much like her. And I bet even if you TRIED your hardest to forget her laugh - you couldn't - I bet in some way YOUR laugh resembles hers. sigh---------- you are so special my dear friend and I would love to come hug ya right now. And you know - it's normally inevitable that SOMETHING funny happens to me but I have been on my best behavior lately - *snort snort*. OH MY GOSH-forgot about this cause things like this always "JUST" happen to me so I tend to block them out. And sometimes they are so outlandish they sound made up but everyone knows that I am just a walking Magoo..but ok...this will trip your bucket.....(yeah, I don't know where I got that little saying from) but anyhoo - so yesterday I (yes me) actually wore a dress (eek -shocker) and I had gone to Target to return some things I had regretted after a lunch hour of retail therapy and thought that with my refund money -I'd hop over to the shoe place next door to see if there was anything worthy of buying - well...it was rainy and windy yesterday and of course I'm in heels because I'm in a dress and as I step off the curb my heel slips and I fall. I fall hard. But I don't just fall on my butt. Nope. I fall on my hands and knees and ya know the worst part? The HUMILATING part? was when I went down my dress came up. yep - over the ol' buttock - mooning per say. so freakin' embarrassing. I guess the ONLY good thing that came from it was it didn't tear or stain my dress since it was up around my neck!!! But I picked me little ol' clumsy self up and went into the shoe store and bought me some flats! yep that fixed that problem! argh.
See hopefully that will make some other person guilty of spewing coffee on the puter screen! ROFL!
And if that doesn't make you laugh hard enough - just remember my story about the laser hair removal. *wink* luv ya bunces hun!

Michelle ~ ~ said...

hey girlie girl ~ you'll never ever forget that laugh b/c sweet thang ~ you got it too! and you look like your momma girlfriend. What a joy I have in you ALL BECAUSE OF YOUR MOM. She is always with you sweet one!! and darlin' I love you muchly! that's why God created friends!

my funny .... let me tell you about daily life at the Reader Rodeo!!! just one I promise ~ short happening ~ .... we had just moved here from St. Louis. It was hotter than blue blazes. A daily happening in Idaho are the gusty winds ... who knew? ... well, that day the damn wind picked up my beautiful beachy umbrella and drove it into the family room window. Hhhmmm ... where O where are the men in my life when there be a crisis??? no where to be found. Okay I boarded up the window, cleaned up the glass, blah blah blah! Having the window next to air conditioning window the call-in helpful repair man says "you won't like it but you really need to turn off the A/C until I can get out there to look at it." In the calmest and loudest voice I could muster (New England term there) ... I said you want me to do what with the temp being 102? Yep! So, I did. Meanwhile, darlin' socialbutterfly Paul invites his new bestest buddies over ... for dinner, a movie and the entire night. They did what normal highschooler football dudes do ... driving me bonkers (TX term there!) ... I raced into his room (forgetting I had my jammies on) .. and ever so southernly said "gentlemen, the next peep out of any of you will be your last peep!!" I was dead serious ... they were NOT! and a voice out of the dark said "hey, Mrs. Reader .... your girly jammies are on backwards ~ wanna explain that one???" My mind was saying hell no .... so I went and sweated the entire night in the heat ... not saying another word .... neither did the hucksters in the house!!
end of story. I guess you had to be there!!

love ya, m

Staci said...

Aww, Lori, I'm so sad for you that you no longer have your mama with you, but it sounds like you have such wonderful and amazing memories of a treasured relationship. Many hugs to you!

My almost 4 year old son cracked me up tonight - he has recently gotten very into video games, and he asked for my help on his Star Wars Lego XBox game. I have never played it before, but I told him I would try to help him. So, i'm jumping around, proud of myself for getting the bad guys (and thinking i'm doing a pretty darn good job, lol) when he turns to me and says, "mommy, I think this game is too hard for you" (right as he snatches the controller from my hands)! Hope that put a smile on your face :-)

Anonymous said...

So here's the story: After a lifetime of hand copyingy's ancient texts, an elderly monk became abbot of his monastaery. Realizing that for centuries his order has been making copies of copies, he decided to examine some of the monastery's original documents. Days later, the other monks found him in the cellar, weeping over a crumbling manuscript and moaning, "It say's 'celebrate', not 'celibate!"
read that one in O Magazine today lol.
Sending a big Ol' E HUG your way. I love you so much and couldn't imagine my life without you.


Leslie Ashe said...

My heart is with you sweet girl! What a wonderful lady you are! Your mom is shining down from Heaven with PRIDE! :) I love reading about her from you!

Have I ever told you about me running like Napolean Dynamite in the middle of the street? OH man...talk about funny! I was dancing, singing as I was doing my daily walk. I look to my right- people are working on a house and they're all looking.Panic sets in...then I hear - "YOU GO GIRL" and omg..I RAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope that brought you a chuckle or 2.
Hugs you cutie!

Anonymous said...

lori like i told you your Mom was the sweetiest person i've ever meet I also miss her dearly I stiil have your mom's aol sn saved on my comp nanapln

Anonymous said...

Hello Lori, I also new knew your mom very well Pat helped a lot of people over the years and is missed very much i have a funny story I was talking to your mom years ago and i guess i was having a hard time and your mother asked me what was i gratiful for and i said nothing pat it was winter time about 20 degrees out and pat said go stand outside for ten mins and call me back I froze ran in the house and said tg for heat i laughed so hard i called your mom and we had a nice laugh. Your mom taught me no matter how bad things get to look for the positive and for that i'm forever gratiful Gene D.

Alina said...

My dear "far away" friend...never met your mom, but I tear up thinking of the 2 of you together and knowing how much love flowed through both of you whenever you hugged, kissed or laughed. My mami is now 83 years old and whenever I think of the day I will have to say goodbye, I think of all my friends who lost their mamis before me. I then, selfishly, thank God for giving me another day with her on the phone to talk to her about anything, just good old anything.

My funny today...as I was laying down in bed with Matthew (9) tonight, I noticed how my hands/arms are all full age spots, wrinkly and "veiny". So I told Matthew that his mami was getting old, he then said: Mami, you are not old, you just give too much blood during those blood drives and you need to stop doing it so often...Ha!
I'm sending you a cool link right now on email.
Miss ya, Kirk and the boys more than you can imagine. Come visit us in Florida!!!! :-)
Love you my friend, Alina