I'm back but not for long!

My weekend in Utah with Becky was lovely. We got to do a whole lot of catching up. We don't get to chat much during baseball season because she is swamped with work and travel. I will get to spend the next two weekends with her though! She has meetings in New York City next weekend and she invited me to tag along. I am beyond excited. Although I am a Boston girl, I have NEVER been to New York. So much to see! I am leaving Thursday morning and will be home on Sunday night. I even managed to score tickets to a Yankee game for us on Saturday night. All season I was thinking of how I was going to beg, borrow and steal to see a game in the Bronx before they tore the stadium down at the end of the season. Well, this just fell into my lap and it was an offer I couldn't refuse.

Be sure to tell me your favorite NYC spots if you have been there!



Michelle ~ ~ said...

you must I mean MUST eat at the Broadway Deli (huge sandwiches!) near Broadway of course! And have tons of fun. I will discuss the damn Yankees thingy later however!! enjoy enjoy enjoy ... take tons of photos too!!! Paul loves NYC and wants to go with you. Shopping is a blast (hit the basements ~ your friend will know what I'm talking about!)

Leslie Ashe said...

Welcome BACK!! Have a GREAT time in NY! :) I loved NY when we went. So fun..we stayed in Times Square and explored ALL the time there. I can't WAIT to see your pics!!

I'm leaving Thursday too!!! We're heading out of town to Tenn/N. Carolina this Thursday until the 8th of August. I'll talk to you then! :)


Stac said...

Do everything you can to see a show on Broadway. It's unforgetable. Oh, and try not to stare if you see a man peeing in the street, ha-ha. Trust me, it happens . . . a lot. :o)

Jann said...

SO THRILLED for you.....and I agree with Michelle...you MUST go shopping in the "basements"......I have friends that LOVE it and say NOT to pass it up. Glad you got tickets to the game.
Be safe dear one and have OODLES of fun....
Smiles from the miles,

Marci Knecht said...

Lori, have an awesome time in NYC - if you get a chance pop over to Juniors in Brooklyn for a slice of plain Cheesecake - make sure you to the original flatbush location, not times square or grand Central - the ambiance of Brooklyn is what makes it an event.

oh, and go to Peanut Butter & Co on Sullivan Street - they have wicked good sandwiches and the "Death by Peanut Butter" is awesome. If you don't like Peanut Butter then, well, I don't know what to tell you!

Do all the fun "touristy" stuff - if you can get near the Today show go and wave to us!

scrappermimi said...

Got to hit Broadway for a Deli Sandwich from Roxy's...Is it expensive, yep. But worth it and HUGE!

Enjoy your Visit to the big apple!

Renee Lamb said...

ooh, you lucky girl!!! I went to NY once but hardly got to see anything since it was for work. Would love to get back....be sure to take lots of fun pics! and have fun at the game!