The wind is a whippin'...

here this mornin'! Now I know what Jann feels like out in Idaho Falls! The thunder is cracking and we are about to have a downpour. I finished this layout up this morning of cutie Clara. OMG... she is just the cutest thing I've ever seen! Hope this brightens your day!


Thanks for stoppin' by!
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Staci said...

I love this LO, Lori! It's got so much fun stuff going on!

Jann said...

LOL....<----giggling wildly
You POOR Sistah! I do not envy you and the winds...but we would LOVE to have the rain dear one! We went to Twin yesterday and it thundered and clapped big time there so I knew all my buddies were going to get the downpoor in Boise.....you lucky duckies....wish it would have rained here in "Duttonville"....:o( we never got a drop...but it was sooooo nice to be out of town for the day!
LOVE LOVE LOVE the layout doll....hope to see you soon.
Huggers from the low lands.....LOL

Marci Knecht said...

Thats another awesome layout. We've been having wierd weather here lately too - terrible thunderstorms with power outages, hail, etc. Some summer!

Danielle said...

congrats on the pub! That is awesome! love the layout!!

DonnaBD said...

Yep - that layout brightened my day! Its awesome!

Kathy Ann Jensen-Vadapalli said...

That LO is so cute....and so is Miss Clara! Just want to pinch her little checks! What a doll! :)
Your LO sure did brighten my day!