It's all about the LOVE!

So I hit Archiver's yesterday as planned and was pleasantly surprised to see the embellishments for the Love Story Collection from Making Memories! Yummy! The paper wasn't in yet but I'll be stalking them to get it. Let me know as soon as you see it Kim!!


I made this new banner (see above) while playing Scrabble on Facebook the other night. I've always loved Scrabble. I'm a total word nerd!! Now I can play with my friends all over the country. Too cool! I do spend a bit too much time on it though!

I'm so excited to dig into all of my new Valentine's Day finds.

Yep, It's all about the LOVE! I'm loving that the kids are back in school today (in spite of the early alarm clock). I'm loving our beautiful new blanket of snow. And most of all... I can't believe I still love my husband even though he has been home with me for 18 months! LoL!

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Chrys said...

love your new banner!!!!! Cute project!

CarrieF. said...

really love your new banner!
that's one of my favorite things in your gallery! so creative!

Daniela said...

I LOVE, LOVE IT! I will need to find those Making Memories goodies.

Julie O. said...

You are just on top of it!! I love the new look. I need to learn how to create my own banner.

LOVE (hee hee) that MM that you found. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I love what you've done with the blog!!! That banner is just too cute. I'm glad I put my request in for one site unseen :) You never ever ever disappoint! So, cute! I thought you weren't feeling well today look at you go.


Lucy Edson said...

Beautiful banner!! Love how you made it into your header!!

Ok, I need some of those MM valentines goodies - those glitter letters look fabulous!

Danielle said...

Your banner is gorgeous, Lori! Your blog is so festive! =)

Sasha said...

ROCKIN that is what I think, Love it .. I need to do that make some stuff and then make it my banner you know instead of cheating LOL .. and ohyah your note on the side over there -----> I read it outloud to my Grandma .. so thank you .. hugs


Danielle Holsapple said...

Awesome banner girl!!!!! YUM!

TheShermanFam said...

Your banner looks great!
and I'm totally jealous of your MM stuff! I love the fancy little letter stickers and the spiral...and...ALL OF IT!