...or should I say "winners"? I had Nick pick a name out of a vase for the happy box and he picked:


Then I told him to pick one more and he picked:


So, Scrappygirl, email your mailing address to me at lorirenn at msn dot com and I'll get you your goodies! Michelle, I already know your address!



Brynn said...

Awesome. That's so very nice of you Lori. Thank you for your kind words in my comments. It really means a lot to me that you think so highly of me!

DonnaBD said...

Way to go girls!! Have fun with your goodies!

Michelle ~ ~ said...

yea!! yea!! nick I love you child. I can't wait. It's something I so needed, it's been "hard" this week. Maybe the inversion is the culprit! thank you thank you and thank you!!