It's a Fabulous Friday!!

Hey there! I just got this award from my friend Donna! How cool! Thanks, Donna!


Now I get to give it out to someone else! I'm just going to give it to my friend Danni! She is so amazingly talented and the sweetest person to boot. Check out her blog and her amazing creations. I just ♥ her!!

Donna tells me along with giving this award away I have to list five things that I am addicted to right now. Perfect timing because I was planning on listing my five faves today!

1. In my "happy birthday box" from Denise was this fabulous soap:


I'm not usually a bar soap kind of gal but I love it. Makes your skin smell so fresh and feel so soft! You can buy it here.

2. She also gave me this fabulous makeup bag from Juicy Couture!!

Now I have a makeup bag that is fancier than any purse I have ever owned! Thank you my sweet little Sis! You are the BESTEST gift giver ever!

3. If I could only watch one show on TV it would be Ugly Betty!! I love this show! Here is a (horrible) picture of me in Times Square in front of a poster of Betty in the window of the ABC building. My friend Becky is not much of a photographer, LoL!


I just discovered that you can watch webisodes of Amanda and Mark on the ABC website here. I've been watching them and LMAO!

I'll tell you what is not my FAVE show this season... Grey's Anatomy!! What da hell? I'm so sick of Dead Denny! Please go away! I mean he's hot and everything but I just don't get the dead thing. Are you feeling me?

4. I'm totally addicted to Starbucks lately due to our dreary weather. I treated myself to a Valentine's mug the other day:

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Go to the Starbucks website and watch a cool video. You may have seen it on a commercial. Love it!

5. Can't let this historic week go by without listing the presidential inauguration as one of my faves! Love this quote from our new PRESIDENT:

I have to go get beautiful now because I'm going to a birthday lunch today with ten of my Bunco Babe friends who are all total knockouts!! Tomorrow I will be 41 years old... what da hell? Seriously?

Leave me some birthday love, please!



Leigh said...

Happy Birthday, Lori!!
Wishing you a fabulous day!

Laina said...

I love that quote too from the President.
Happy Birthday girlie! Do something just for you! :)

Marci Knecht said...

happy HAPPY Birthday! Becky isn't that bad of a photographer, she almost got your head in the shot - LOL.

CarrieF. said...

Happy Birthday sweet Lori!!!!
Hope you're having a great day girl!

Dena said...

Happy Happy Happppy Birthday to my girl Lori! I hope you are having a fabulous day girl :)

Anabelle said...

Happy Birthday!! Love all of your favorites. That Obama quote is wonderful!

Miss Em said...

Happy Birthday. I love Top 5 (or Top anythings) I should do mine.

Leslie Ashe said...

Have a WONDERFUL Birthday Lori!!!!!

I hope your day is just as FABULOUS as YOU are!! :D


Elizabeth said...

Hope you have a happy birthday filled with wonderful memories and tons of laughter and fun too!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Hope that the boys are good to you and clean the kitchen after every meal tomorrow!! lol


Staci said...

Happy happy birthday, my friend! I hope it is an amazing one!! I always love seeing your favs, and I, too, love that quote by our new pres!

dannisdoodles said...

OMGosh, I am just getting in from eye appointments for contacts for my eldest and came to wish you a happy birthday & oh how I am sending you the biggest birthday (((hug)))! I hope you had THE best birthday lunch, you are gorgeous darling....LOVE to you!!!

SASHA said...

I ordered that soap since you recommended it lol .. so Ima let you know how it turns out .. and I know I feel you on that GA, I have stopped watching it since Denny has been back too much, it is just getting old really .. love that qoute girl .. Happy BdAY

dstandard said...

Happy Birthday!!! Make it great!

LBMann said...

Should have known someone else as cool as my hubby shares his birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LORI!!!! Enjoy the day and all of those that come after it!

Brynn said...

Many Birthday blessings for you today my dear friend.