embracing imperfection...

I was just reading emily's blog with some blurry and less than perfect pictures. Love them. They reminded me of some pictures I took a couple of months ago. I was sitting on the couch with Nate while he was watching his favorite show, Super Why. I was reading Nikon D40X for Dummies (seriously, I suck at photography). I had my camera on my lap while I was reading about the different settings and features. Nate got all lovey-dovey on me and I turned the camera around and snapped these:

They are blurry. I had no makeup on to cover up my less than perfect complexion but who cares?

Perfectly imperfect.


P.S. If you've got young kids learning to read, you can download a couple of episodes of Super Why for free on your iPod Podcasts. They are a lifesaver for taking Nate out and about in the community!

Oh, and just in case you are new to my blog and wonder why it would be challenging to take a perfectly gorgeous, healthy looking five year old boy into the community, well, he has autism and therefore has trouble with transitions like getting into and out of the car, store, etc. Having him watch Super Why, even without the sound helps tremendously and was brought to my attention by Nate's therapist, Cristina. She uses the Super Why on the iPod trick with her "typical" (non-autistic) 2 year old while shopping or eating out. So this may work with your challenging toddlers!

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Marci Knecht said...

Super Why he's a super guy! ;)

Sasha said...

oooh thanks for the Super tip and oh yah beautiful you DONT need make up .. RAW beauty is what your Nikon is going to pick up ...

you also need to get Understanding Exposure .. it will help you TONS and yah girl another video is coming and once again on get RAW on that azz .. they aint ready this time .. real talk LOL

Leslie Ashe said...

aww, you guys are adorable.

thanks for that tip!

hope all is well,

Anabelle said...

He is adorable and I love your photos!! WE love Super Why here, too!

Jann said...

Great Photo's Lori.....:o)

dannisdoodles said...

for the love of your friend, do you HAVE to post the box scores all season? seriously, the agony!(i would if your team were mine too....giggle, just playing)

in all seriousness, that is the cooooolest little side-bar link ever, even if it IS the yuck, er um, i mean red sox....giggle

love your pics, always love your pics my friend, your happiness is contagious!

hugs & so much love to you!

Kim Dellow said...

They are very cute piccies. And I am loveing you blog heading as well - great fun. Kim