Catching up!

So life's been kinda busy and crazy lately. May seems to feel like December with all the stuff going on. It's fun though. This is what gets me through...

Have you tried this blend (available at Starbucks)? So good! I actually go to bed at night dreaming about waking up to it!

Last week, Cristina and I took nate to the zoo with his preschool class. I had major nightmares the night before because we were taking him "sans stroller" and he always tries to bolt! Thank goodness for Cristina (I love her!!) who is even faster than Nate. He did pretty well for about an hour and then got really overwhelmed so we took our picnic on the road and ate at home.

My son Joe, who is leaving middle school and starting high school next year (OMG!) had to dress up to present a project. We didn't even have to buy him clothes because he fit into his Dad's!! Crazy. He looked so nice and did a great job.

Last night I met up with some of my girlfriends to see Sex and the City. So good. I've watched every one of the tv shows a couple of times and the movie did not disappoint! Did you see it? What was your favorite part? I have too many to name! I want to go see it again!

Hope you all have a great week. Mine is chock full of stuff but all fun stuff so it's all good!


Jann said...

Hey sweet friend....
MISS YA....the Blonde child and I are going to see that movie around the 13th...hope its still on then...I have heard it is great....Bug and I watched the series for a long time....I am soooo ready to see it! Glad its good....I have heard its EXCELLENTE'
Running to therapy....or shall I say "gimping"...LOL
Love from the miles,

Kathy Ann Jensen-Vadapalli said...

LOVED the Sex and the City movie! While watching it the film broke.....talk about a crazy situation! Imagine a theater packed full of women, on opening night, and the movie stopping!! They got it going again and all was good!:) There were too many good parts to have ONE favorite!

renee lamb said...

I haven't seen the SITC movie ...heck I haven't even seen the show really!!! I know..I must be from another planet! I have rented the seasons so I can catch up since everyone is RAVING about the movie! Your son is a strappin' young man. What a milestone to be heading into HS...exciting!!

2girlsdesigned said...

I know that slide at zoo boise. In fact we made it. what a small world we live in! I saw your stuff on pink paisly and went over to your blog and there you are from Eagle...I am in Nampa