my new motto

I'm officially making my personal motto "no time like the present". I don't like to procrastinate so when I have something to get done I'm just going to do it! I made this clock out of an old record album (my kids had never even seen one!) for the Last Scrapper Standing contest over at Create My Keepsake. I made it into the top 20. The challenges have been so much fun. There are so many talented scrappers in the top 20. I am in awe of them!



These are a couple of photos from Father's Day. We gave Kirk a mirror for the boat for his gift so he can see the kids while they are on the inner tube. How cute is this picture of Nate? He did so well on his first boat outing of the summer. Just smiled and enjoyed it! That is Joe on the tube in the background. Nick is in the "don't take my picture, or I'll kill you" stage. Bummer.

I want to give a little shout out to the Boston Celtics. Wow! They played their hearts out! They won the NBA championship last night. Watching the finals brought back so many memories of my Mom and I sitting and watching every single Celtics game together (usually while rolling meatballs!). She was a fanatic! (Kind of like me with the Red Sox!) I'm sure she would be very thrilled that the Celts beat Kobe and the Lakers!

Happy Wednesday, my friends!
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Leslie Ashe said...

I just LOVE your motto and how you used it on your beautiful clock!! GENIUS I say! :) You're so talented, you rock! :)

SUPER CUTE Father's Day pics! You guys had some serious FUN!

Have a great week,
Leslie Ashe

Anonymous said...

Boo Celtics...although they
did kick Laker butt last night.
All I can say is at least they
won on their own home court. I
love keeping up with you on your blog. I've been going through a huge box of old cards and their are so many from you from Ameritech
days, pre&post marriage and the birth of Joey. It totally makes me realize how old we've gotten and all the fun we had. I may send some to you so you can get a kick out of it too! Love Dede

Tina said...

I loveeeeeee your entry for LSS! GOODLUCK!!!!

KimmyS said...

how AWESOME is that clock!!! Love love LOVE it

Amanda L. said...

Love what you did with that record!!! Love your work...and that boat ride looks fun!

Nancyroo said...

awesome pics and I love your clock!

Julie O. said...

Great motto!! Those pictures are just amazing! WOW! I love the PP layouts you did as well. Nice job!

TheShermanFam said...

Looks like you guys had a great Father's day!! That little guy is a CUTIE!!

oh yeah...your clock is ROCKIN'!!!

Renee Lamb said...

I so love your motto and wish I could make it mine-LOL - mine is why do today what I can put off to do tomorrow? bwahahaha - I am such a procrastinator but work better under pressure. And um..yeah...you set the bar REALLY REALLY high girlfriend. holy cow this clock is just so freakin' amazing. you need to submit this. seriously. you are so talented and such an inspiration! and cute cute cute Father's Day pics! Nate is a cutie even when he's got the dagger look :D

DonnaBD said...

I so thought of you while we were watching that game Lori! Way to go on the new motto!