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While I was creating this layout of my sweet girl, Lexi, Nate came in and started playing with my letters. He arranged them into this word and looked up at me and said "zebra". He is such a word nerd like his mom! He is four years old and can read about 100 words! I started reading at three years old and still have a passion for reading. Sometimes I read enlightening material, sometimes I read fluff. What are you reading now?? What have you read recently that you loved? I am reading "fluff"!! Wild Pitch by Mike Lupica a fictional novel about baseball. All fun and good stuff. I just finished reading Knitting Under the Influence by Claire LaZebnik. I thought it would be total fluff but it turned out to be enlightening. One of the gals in the knitting group was an Autism therapist and I enjoyed reading about what she did with the little boy she worked with. The author has a son with Autism so it was very real. Let's see, I also read Daniel Isn't Talking. It was another book about a boy with Autism. Very good. I would highly recommend it.

Okay, I'm going to sign off now to go read Go Dog Go with Nate. Do you like my hat? I do not like your hat! LOL.
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Anonymous said...

These pictures ROCK!!! I'm so happy and excited and AMAZED by Natey. Wish the Magic School bus offered trips to his brain to see all the cool things going on in there. My God to spell and say ZEBRA at 4 is crazy cool. I can't even imagine Daniel spelling and reading next year. So, amazing.

The pictures on your LO are still cracking me up! Your neighbor is a hoot.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS on your pink slip the LO of your house is so cool I LOVE IT and the transparency boarder you did on it. The comments about yourself and your likes were cracking me up!!! I love you so much. MUAH


Scrap for a Cure team said...

how cute!!!! my girls love to read too! Awesome layout!

kelly said...

WOW! Now let's see if he can spell kelly :)... I can't believe that little boy. I miss him :(

kelly said...

oh yeah, I'm just starting to read 'Skinny Bitch' about eating right and just finishing up 'The Tenth Circle' by Jodi Picoult. This is going to be a Lifetime Movie and all of her books are good.
signing off, the not so skinny bitch.

Charity Hassel said...

that's awesome!
my ds is turning 4 in August and is learning words now... it's so cool to see your kids learning!!

renee lamb said...

Love that LO girl! So fun!! Congrats on the Pink slip too! you totally deserve it! i just LOVE your work!! And congrats to your little man! WOW! at 4 reading that many words is fantastic!! and the Zebra thing is so cool...can't wait to see you scrap that!

My niece knew how to spell her name (first and last), how to call 911 and give her full address by age 2. My sister is a single mom who has a heart condition so had to work with my niece early just in case. It's amazing to see what little apes they are and how their brains churn and burn. :D

Staci said...

What an awesome LO! Actually, I love all of your layout's :-) - you do fantastic work! Congrats on the PP Guest DT gig - how awesome! And your son is a smarty pants... I better get working with my 3 1/2 year old, lol!