We pulled off a fabulous surprise party for my dear friend Angie's birthday on Saturday. It was so fun! Angie had no idea. She DID NOT want a party or any kind of big deal made for her (unlike me where I just want 200 of my closest friends and lobster and champagne and... well you get the picture!) It was a low-key BBQ and pool party at my next door neighbor Pam's house. All of the kids had a ball in the pool. Angie and I went swimming in the chocolate fountain! LOL.





Happy 40th Angie!! You ROCK and you look WICKED young!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderfully fun Lori.....great that you all pulled it off....one that she will remember......:o)
Hugs from a far,

renee lamb said...

ooh, how fun! love surprise parties and that rocks that y'all pulled it off! Sounds like it was fun!! Great group pic and she does look wicked young! hugs girl!

kelly said...

Happy 40th to Angie.
I wish I could have been there..
I miss you guys...
(look how long April's hair is) and Lori, my girl, you look fabulous. I miss that face and wish I could hug you.