Hello my friends...

I'm just here trying to keep myself busy and to keep from worrying. Special K is out of town doing the job interview thing today. It is a great job and I pray that he gets it but the situation is a double-edged sword. If he gets the job it means packing up our life here and moving. The thought of that makes me cringe with fear. I have no idea how I could handle that but I guess I would handle it the same way I've handled it the last five times. Be strong, pray, breathe. We'll see...

Today's Quote

I gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which I must stop and look fear in the face...I say to myself, I've lived through this and can take the next thing that comes along.

-Eleanor Roosevelt



Jann said...

Remember my dear, sweet friend....that our love for you will travel with you....bore strongly into your soul and always be there for you to gather warmth and strength from. Its time for you to worry less...and for your stress to be relieved a bit more...remember what we laughed about when we were surrounded by those we laugh with and cherish so...I saw the "light come on" from that statement and it is still very true.....and very much remembered. We love you so Lori...we might be far from your touch but never will we be far from your heart...believe this ,y friend...as I know it all so well....:o)
I'll keep good thoughts for the Mr. K. and hope that everything will be wonderful for you. And if your off to live in Seattle...I am definetly coming to visit!!! LOL
Love and smiles...great hugs of warmth.

Marci Knecht said...

Things happen for a reason and you just roll with them. The idea of leaving my entire family and moving to a new country with a 6 month old baby did NOT appeal to me, let me tell you! But, I made the best of it, and we have a wonderful life here - its worked out for better then I ever dreamed and you couldn't get me to leave the US and move back to Canada for anything. Que Sera, Sera!

Love what you did wih the blog! The header is absolutely awesome ;)

natalie said...

Hi Lori, I can totally relate with your situation right now too! I am faced with moving as well despite how difficult and overwhelming the thought of actually picking up our life here seems. I guess things work out for a reason and at this point it is hard to pass up on a good job. Good luck to you with whatever happens...I'm praying for you!

Michelle ~ ~ said...

girlfriend, why didn't you call and I'd brought you lunch, coffee or wine (it's 4PM somewhere)!! I'm praying ... let us know what happens. LOVED LOVED LOVED the quote. I need that everyday!! xoxox m

Sasha said...

I know all to well about settling and then having to pick up and move, but being military is different, I have you in my prayers sweetness and you are on my mind. Love you and smile. Try not to worry, try to look at it as a new adventure, as nerve wrecking as it can be and as irritating moving can be sometimes try to smile through it .. not really sure what other advice to give so Ima shut up now LOLOL .. had to make you smilesomewhere in there.

hugs my sweet

Juliana said...

Hang in there Lori! Sounds a bit stressful!! Lots of hugs!!!