For our Christmas gift this year, my dad overnighted lobsters from Boston! We ate them last night. So so so YUMMY! Lobster is my favorite food and I haven't had it in so long. Thank you Daddy!





Nick loved the lobster, Joe hated it and Nate didn't know what to think!! He did want to take those rubber bands off of the claws while they were still alive. Um, not a good idea, Nate!

Lots of snow falling in Idaho! Loving it because I am home in my sweats all comfy.

One week 'til Christmas!

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Marci Knecht said...

Wow, do those look yummy! What a great gift.

Have a wonderful Christmas - stay safe and happy. Pssss - any news about the job?

Anonymous said...

Your Lobster Fest ROCKS!!!! Looks like a good time was had by all! Oh to know what was going on in Natey's brain as he was taking it all in :)

Your Dad and Winnie are cool gift givers.


Audrey Pettit said...

Wow! What a cool experience! I would NOT know what to do with those! LOL!
After reading your post, I've decided it's time to go get in my sweats, too. Sounds like a fabulous idea!
Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

ellen said...

YUM! those are fun pics too! looks like a blast...we did that once and now i know i need to do it again! when should i be over for dinner? ;)

Daniela said...

Oh, wow, looks like fun!

Sasha said...

Girl STOP! Now that is what I call a Xmas present LOVE THAT ..did you get TOO FULL that when you move you feel like all is coming out the wrong end of the body lolol..

Thanks for the wishes boo..we gonna see..you DID enter Pink Paislee's RIGHT??? Dont make me come out there and get you LOL .. Hope your Friday is hoppin boo bear


Leslie Ashe said...

OHHHH how I LOVE Lobster!! I'm on my WAY! Save me some, K?

Hope you're having a lovely HOLIDAY season - I've missed you!