New Shimmerz Blingz!

Here are the new paints from Shimmerz called Blingz:


They are beautiful. See for yourself! Check out the Shimmerz Blog to see the beautiful creations from the design team!
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Marci Knecht said...

Oh, those are pretty! I have to talk one of my kit club owners into getting these, I love them.

Sasha said...

Ima need to go on and get that .. thanks ENABLER lolol..and umm I really love the new profile pic boo


Anonymous said...

Ok you probably won't remember hilarious you were on the phone tonight but you had me in tears laugh on the phone tonight. It was so funny when you were talking about you know who being lazy and not picking up the crab apples from the back yard before the dog eats them and vomits even though you the bitch!! I was dying LMAO!! I went on Sasha's blog but couldn't find the man-kini video so I'll call you in a bit for where to look and hopefully you're not passed out yet.
You're a hoot sober but after a few drinks OMG I was trying not to pee myself at the store I was laughing so hard.
It was a tough day at drill (GO AIR GUARD) but after talking to you 10 different times on the phone I felt like I was throwing back drinks with you! Don't you love how we always say "ok talk to you later bye" and what that really means is talk to you again in 5 min!

Amy said...

those are so pretty!!!

Michelle ~ ~ said...

I gotta get my hands on that green and cider color!!