Grand Opening!

Big news here... Starting Thanksgiving Day (Thursday), you will be able to order Shimmerz products directly from Shimmerz!

To celebrate, Shimmerz & Blingz will be sale-priced for the weekend and will go back up to their normal price on Monday, Dec 1. As soon as it's open for business, there will be a link to the store.

And one timely reminder for you: There's less than a week to send your links for the Shimmerz Linkz program where they give away free jars of Shimmerz every single month! Deadline time is 11:59 PM Mountain Time on Sunday, November 30th.

If you haven't tried Shimmerz paints yet, well what are you waiting for?

Two quotes for you today:

To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven. ~Johannes A. Gaertner

A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues. ~Cicero


Marci Knecht said...

That's great! It will be so much easier to just order them direct. I love them ;)Thanks for "turning me on to them"

Happy Thanksgiving to the Renn Fam ;)

Leigh said...

Great quotes, Lori.
Our pastor mentioned the Cicero in his sermon on Sunday-- I really liked that one!
Have a great Thanksgiving!!

Julie Koerber said...

Hey Lori! I just dropped by to say "hi!" I saw your beautiful card in the december issue of Cards! OH MY! What a stunner! I was at Barnes and Noble and was flipping through and Bam.. there was Lori Renn! What a superstar you are! :-)

Sasha said...

Cool ..

Okay so Lori .. I wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I love you girl, you are very humble and very sweet, I love your personality and your talent is beyond amazing, but you never allow that to get in the way of sharing and giving back the love, you never allow it to go to your head and that my friend is awesome. I love your jokes, and your ability to have my azz crackin up outloud at your emails. YOu are a gift. I am thankful to have it in my life.


Amy said...

Thats wonderful news!! Hope you are having a great day!

Staci said...

Oh how exciting! Thier paints look gorgeous - I definitely need to try them!