A day at the ranch...

No, you did not click on P-Dub's blog by mistake! :0)

My inlaws are in town this week so we all gathered at Kirk's cousin's ranch yesterday. The boys had a blast riding horses and ATVs and getting to know how things run there. They had to brand a few calves so we got to watch Fred and David rope them while Diane branded. My son Joe even helped hold down the calf for the branding! This was a lot to take in for this city slicker! I got lots of great photos of all the activity. The boys can't wait to go back. Um, I think I'll be busy that day, LOL!

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Jann said...

Sounds like you had a fun day....glad the boys had a "taste" of real ranch life...LOL
But I agree with you doll....I think Starbucks or the Rembrant might be calling you when they return. How about I meet you there?...LOL (wink)
Love ya hon...see you friday.!!!!!
Can't wait!!!!!!
Huggers dear one,