Plugged In!!




Nick told me yesterday was his best day ever. I've never seen him so happy! He idolizes his friend Jeff who took him to Guitar Center yesterday and helped him pick out his first electric guitar!! His first of many I'm sure! Jeff owns 17! AAAAHHH! Oh and I'm totally stocking up on the big "E" (Excedrin!) because Jeff lent him one of his big ass amps and my windows are rattling! Nick played for hours yesterday into the night and before school today.

I'm thrilled to see my boy who has had such a hard time with depression this year so HaPpY!!

Rock On, Nick!
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Leave a comment here and tell me what makes you really, really HaPpY!


Anabelle said...

Awww....what a sweetie! Love the pictures! Happy Belated BDay to Nick. What makes me happy? O'd have to say it's the same thing as you. seeing a big smile on my little guy's face. (Scrapping makes me really happy, too!)

Jann said...

Happy Birthday Nick! LOVED your cake Bud! Pretty cool Lori!
What makes me happy?
1. My daughter's beauty from the "inside."
2. If I had a friend to come help me look for those stinkin "ruby slippers" I need....LOL
Love ya hon.....

Michelle ~ ~ said...

Happy Bday Nick!! I am so thrilled for you. I know you love guitar! and it loves you too. What makes me very very happy? you ask ... F R I E N D S!!

Renee said...

that is so awesome! I BET he was sooo stoked!! Happy (belated) b-day to the dude man, Nick! Warms your heart to see him so happy! congrats to him on owning his very own first electric guitar! Rock ON!!! Renee Lamb (eeners)

oh and what makes me happy?
love from my treasured fam and peeps

Marci Knecht said...

Love it! Eddie Van Halen eat your heart out! :) Looks like a Washburn...or it is a Dean, hard to tell.....but nice!

LoRi said...

It's a Dean, Marci. Wow! You're good!

Marie said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Nickie Boy!

As for what makes me really happy--seeing my girls (who have always fought like cats and dogs) FINALLY becoming friends.