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Here is a layout I did a couple of weeks ago (because you asked so nicely, Miss Marie!). I adore these pictures. I think this may be my favorite layout. I say that about all of them, I know! I miss my mum.


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Michelle ~ ~ said...

Miss Lori .. I see where you get your gorgeous smile! I must say I think I looooooove this layout. The colors sparkle so, and your mum is darlin' and nate is too cute ~ I wanna borrow him!!! If I get a pic of my 3 generations.... gmom, mother and me ~ would you create??? I'll miss ya dear one ... call me! I got to sprint (2 hours later) and I'm fixed!!

Natalie said...

What a great layout!

Jann said...

Great layout my dear friend. I LOVE it.
Ahe....so glad that you have such fond memories of your Mum. Daughter's and Mother's. Never know when you will need them the most and they are just a smile away. I TRULY miss my daughter every day of my life. I so long to be closer to her. But in no doubt am I sure your Mom is sooooo proud of you.
Hugs dear one....:o)