Earth Day...

Doing our part!

This morning I was visiting with my friend Jenn. She wanted me to take her to the store for a few things. We drove by this dumpster with this huge chalkboard in front of it. I think it was behind a pre-school. We saw some people carrying out more stuff so we asked them if they minded if we took it. They were thrilled. Now it won't end up in a landfill somewhere! Nate is loving it right in our family room but I'm going to put it up in his bedroom.



I'm really feeling like I need to switch to canvas reusable grocery bags but if I do, what is Joe going to use to pick up the dog poop??? Such burning questions, LOL!
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Jann said...

WAY cool for Nate!!! I love it!!!
I hope he has a GREAT time with it. Quite the find my dear.
I hope so much Jenn is feeling better. be sure and tell her I said hello!

meghan said...


We switched to reusable bags and we love it...except we just ran out of the plastic bags...and I too have wondered how my girls will do poop patrol...if you come up with and great ideas...let me know...too funny!


Meghan McDonagh

kelly said...

I love that chalk board. What a great find you lucky girl...or, lucky Nate.
I did switch to Cubs grocery sacks. I love them! I save my target bags and those are for pooh control. It works!

Jennie(Jenn) said...

lovin the chalk board, Nate must be very thrill to have it.. lucky Nate..