just a few...

creations to share with you today!

Denise sent me this new little chandelier stamp from Heidi Swapp. I love it! It is so glam! Also, here are a few Sarah layouts I've done recently. I soooo love to scrap the girlie stuff!





Got a crazy day today! Got three appointments between me and the boys and I get to go visit my friend Stacey and her little kiddies. She is taking care of her twin niece and nephew full time now because their dad, Tom found a job, Yeah!!! They are smiling like crazy now and so cute! Speaking of Stacey, I kidnapped her the other night and took her to a way stupid funny movie, Baby Mama. We laughed our butts off. I will never hold a bottle of EVOO again without thinking of the "T" word! LOL!

Hope your Wednesday is a good one! I'll leave you with a quote:

"The miracle is this - the more we share, the more we have."
- Leonard Nimoy

What are you going to share today? I'm going to share my charm, wit, and personality! :0)
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Raechelle said...

beautiful layouts! And the card is stunning! Great work!

kelly said...

hey girlie, girl...
share some of your charm with me!
call me...e-mail...I don't care what you do, just do something! did you get my message from AZ?
miss you!

Tina said...

Your projects are AMAZING girl!!!! I need that stamp!

Leslie Ashe said...

LORI!! Your creations are GORGEOUS!! I LOVE your card and your layouts!! I am such a FAN of yours!

Jann said...

Lori dearest!
Again....dazzeling my friend. I have that stamp...it is not just WAY fun to design with?...LOVE IT!
Can't wait till ICE darlink....we'll have a great time....meet new faces and giggle with the best of them!
Lets see...what am I sharing with someone today.....I'll share my patience and my lap with the "tiny one" as he is feeling the recovery of those BIG teeth coming out of such a "little" mouth...LOL
Enjoy your hectic day and remember you are a well loved woman my dear!
Happy Wednesday my friend...wish you were going to Twin with us this weekend.
Huggers and smiles across the miles....

Davinie said...

Was it stupid? I was wanting to maybe see Baby Mama. It looked really funny.
Nice layouts! I am partial to the Lucky Dog one. Of course it was perfect, using green.

Norma Kennedy said...

Beautiful layouts and your Heidi Swapp card is fantastic !!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl!

Really loving your latest Sarah LO. So cute how it's so different I'm going to frame it and put it in her room. I think you did sucha great job capturing the essence of the picture and the care free moment of being a young girl. THANK YOU!!!

Now, get hot on Noteworthy 2! Off to read what Stephanie Plum is up to today....hehehe

Peace Out,

Daniela said...

Love all the layouts and the card is adorable, love the colors.

Renee said...

gorgeous creations!! love those layouts! just beautiful and that chandelier is a must have -great use with it!:D
renee lamb

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

So Adoarble Layouts...Love it!!!!

scrappermimi said...

Loving all your LO's, and that card too! Great stamp!

Stacey said...

EVOO or pam??? Hmm. :) Update...you can't be that busy, LOL. Love ya!