anna sali!

while shopping and running around in downtown boise on saturday, denise and i discovered an amazing artist! we popped into the grape escape for some wine and cheese and this beautiful young gal named anna sali was performing. her voice is unbelievable. we both loved her instantly! she writes her own music and plays acoustic guitar (which i love). she is going to be huge!

you can hear full versions of her songs here. check out her myspace if you are a local here in boise to see where she will be appearing. i am going to see her this saturday night! so excited! if you are an itunes person you can also find her there!
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darcie said...

How funny! My oldest daughter has beena fan for a while now, and attends a pre-teen girls bible study at her home. The girls all totally love her, she's super sweet (not to metion very talented). :o) Glad you got to enjoy her too!

Anonymous said...


I'm so happy we spent that Saturday together and discovered her! Thanks for all the yummy wine too....It gave me the courage to buy those boots!! lol Just kidding we both know sober or not those boots we're coming home with me!

Have fun Saturday I will be wishing I was with you. Drink a half a glass of wine in my name :)