Meet Michelle...


I met this lovely, perky lady when she worked at Archiver's. I've never and I mean never met a friendlier person who would just help you and talk to you while you were shopping! She just oozes spunk. She really, really wanted to set up her own blog so the other night I went over to her house and bing, bam, boom, we did it! Go ahead and visit her blog and leave her a little "welcome to blogland" comment!
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michelle reader said...

tooo tooooo kind!! I love ya woman!!!

BB said...

Michelle is my 'sista of anotha motha', best friend, soul sister & inspiration. She's all you said & MORE, Lori.

BTW, Lori, nice to meet you, I've been hearing good things...


Jann said...

YEAH for Michelle....so glad that she is with us "blog-ettes!
You go girlfriend!