a few of you have told me that the pictures i posted about my day with denise last friday didn't come through. i can see them fine but i guess all that you can see are little red x's! i'll post them again. let me know if they are still x's to you!

the boutique we found is call good goods on glenwood in garden city. the next pic is the make and take from archiver's. then a layout i did of us at the cheesecake factory. and finally a goofy picture of me with my ugly betty paraphanalia (sp??)!

Happy Friday!
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Anonymous said...

Love the layouts! As always you are fabulous. Good to see you for a minute Friday morning. Hope all is well.


Angela said...

Hey! I made that frame at Archivers last weekend!! Love yours. Lovin all the work you've done while I've been MIA. If it's possible, your work just keeps getting better and better.