Okay, so all week I thought I was going to have to go to the Blue Man Group show last night. I was none too happy about it but Kirk said he wanted to go and he got tickets for us and our friends Bill and Loni so I agreed to go and pretended to look forward to it. Little did I know that Kirk, Bill, Loni, Pam and Jerry were plotting to throw me a surprise party! I can't believe how many lies Kirk and my friends have told me this past month! I was so shocked. Did not expect it at all! It was so fabulous! It was a Red Sox and Patriots themed party. Everyone wore the gear. Half of it was mine!! Imaging me showing up and seeing everybody wearing all of my clothes! LOL. We had a champagne fountain, a chocolate fountain, amazing food, music, karaoke and lots and lots of dancing. We got home at about 2 am and Nate was ready to boogie himself. I got about two hours of sleep last night and I am dead tired. I spent tonight at a dance performance for Pam's daughters. They were so adorable!! I gotta go get some shut eye because tomorrow is SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!! Woo Hoo, Good Times!! Here are just a few pictures from my AWESOME birthday party!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Kirk!
Way to go friends!

AWESOME surprise for Lori.....you are blessed with not only a fantastic hubby my dear....but the warmth and care of many, many hearts....:o)

Corinna said...


What a fabulous way to say hello 40!

kelly said...

I knew about it all along and I was so afraid that I was going to 'spill the beans'. I couldn't remember if it was friday or saturday night so I have purposely avoided you. So, the surprise is over...I so wanted to be there! I will surprise you another time when you least expect it. No surprise, thanks to you, I will see you in May for ICE. I'm working on samples now. I am so excited. I'll talk to you soon by 40 year old friend.
love you,

natalie said...

Oh how sweet!!!! And here you were, um, complaining about going to see the Blue Man Group!!! LOL. Looks like it was a fun party!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous that I was not there celebrating with you!!!!

You deserve it girl!!!!

Love ya,

Cousin Kelley