friday night...

what a crazy busy week. so glad to just stay home tonight and go to bed early. well, after this post i'm hitting the hay! i finally scrapped a couple of layouts tonight. it had been a couple of weeks and i was going crazy wanting to create! i watched bridget jones's diary on bravo while i scrapped tonight. love that movie. i could watch it a hundred times. oh man, as i am typing this the sequel is coming on so i just may have to put toothpicks in my eyes to stay up and watch it (even though i own it on dvd!) this is just really good stuff! this is going to be a crazy weekend here. my son, Joe is turning 14 and invited 5 teenagers over to play video games and eat and eat and play video games and then go see a highly inappropriate movie. good times.

we've had lots of snow as of late and one of my favorite past times is to sit in my living room with a steaming cup of hot coffee and watch my husband shovel the driveway. i have a few neighbors who actually feel guilty when their husbands are shoveling and they come over and borrow an extra shovel from us and join their man in the task. i don't get this. i mean the guilt thing. what is up with that?

i no more get that then i get how some people do not like chocolate. how do you not like chocolate? what is not to like?

i will leave you tonight with a quote my children say everytime i correct them or "pick" on them:

"well excuse me for having enormous flaws that i don't work on!" -homer simpson
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Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! You are cracking me up can't help him but can run out and get his picture!!! You're a hoot.

I can't believe you found the 'Dear Oprah' video!!! I've never seen it too cute. I saw this girl perform it on the Oprah show. I really hope Oprah put her up somewhere really nice and actually fed this girl something from the song she sounds like she had a tough brake...

Can't believe I'm up crazy early to drag myself to drill :(
Starbucks here I come.