Signs Of Spring...

Even though lots of you in the North and Midwest are still getting buried with snow, we are seeing some early signs of Spring here in Idaho. There are little fuzzy pussy willow buds on my trees and my tulips and daffodils are sprouting out of the ground. Nate and Cristina are spending lots more time outside for therapy lately. I can't believe it has been six months since Nate started IBI (Intensive Behavioral Therapy). He has made so much progress. Cristina is the best! Hope you are seeing some sunshine and signs of spring in your neck of the woods!





Happy Wednesday!
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Anonymous said...

Dearest Lori....friend of mine!
Yeah right.....like I still have "Polar Bears" running around the snow and ice here.....there are no signs of the "Igloo" melting....and I haven't seen grass for maybe 5 months!!!! So listen girlfriend.....send some of that warmth over here to "Hicksville"....and warm us up a bit....LOL
GLAD for you that you are seeing signs of spring....I need to get over there soon! Miss ya oodles!
Love and huggers dear one...:o)

michelle reader said...

I'm looking out my window and there aren't any signs of spring!! I guess I'll come to your house!! hey girlie girl thanks for your support and help!!!!