Spring Forward!

I'm so ready for green grass and tulips and daffodils and pansies! I just love a change in seasons no matter which one it is. I was able to do a little scrapbooking this weekend while watching my new guilty pleasure, Entourage. I had no idea what the show was all about, I just thought the guy who stars in it is so hot! It's pretty racy but I'm hooked.

Denise has been hounding me for months to do her kids birthday layouts. I hate to do birthday party layouts so I was putting it off but I was able to get them done the other day. I think she will dig them. I also did this layout of Nate just because. I love the look on his face in this picture. It just says, "I'm up to something!" I took some good shots of Joe this weekend so I'm hoping to do a layout of him this week. I've got a busy schedule this week with appointments and stuff but I know I can squeeze in some me time!


Thanks a bunch to Holly, Sheryl and Meghan who gave me stuff to put in my goodie box to send to our troops! Happy Monday and remember, Spring is almost here! That should make you smile.
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Kate O'Brien said...

i'm ready for spring and flowers too!

love the layouts. the last one is my fave.

michelle reader said...

sweet friend, I am so jealous of you "me" time. I will hopefully squeeze some in this week, as I'm not in the classroom Tues - Friday. Anywho, I love your creativity and stuff!! I do have a Q of U. How do you adhere paper to canvas? I bought a 36x48 canvas and I plan on doing some altered art this week ..... so, I plan!!

LoRi said...

Michelle, I use Mod Podge to adhere paper to canvas. I use lots of Glue Dots for photos and embellishments! Hope you get some me time this week!

Jann said...

I was ready for spring a LONG time ago...but this morning on my way to go work out....low and behold...it was 13 degrees....somebody PLEASE find my ruby slippers so I can "come home".....:o(
Lori my talented dear friend.....I can't believe you don't like doing birthday layouts...when you do them so well...:o)
Hugs to you dear one....from the frozen East....can't wait to come home and be in a real town!
Huggers my friend,