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Not much going on lately. Trying to get caught up with house stuff. I haven't created anything in a few days and probably won't until next week. Bummer. Gotta finish up some pillows that a friend ordered and then my inlaws are in for the weekend. I lost four pounds in my first week on Weight Watchers. It's not that hard. I still get to have wine and chocolate, just not as much!

Friday I got to see these little cuties and get my baby fix. They are at such a cute stage and I feel so lucky to get to hold and feed them.


Saturday I spent hours on my knees scrubbing floors and baseboards. I don't know how Cinderella did it! It's a killer on the knees!

Waiting patiently for the Sox to play again tomorrow. So glad the season is underway. Good times.

Good thing I got lots of books read in the first three months of this year. I don't read as much during baseball season. Right now I'm reading the third book in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyers. Not my usual kind of books. I'm not that into fantasy but I like them. All of the "kewl" kids were reading them so I gave in. LOL. Different and original.

So what have you all been reading this year? What movies have you seen? I've only seen one movie this year, Juno. LOVED it. Good stuff.

I finished the first three seasons of Entourage. Next I will start Lost, Season One. Anybody watch that? Thoughts?

I got an email from Scrapbook Trends. One of my layouts of Nate on the beach at Whidbey Island is going to be in the August issue. I love that magazine so I'm so happy to have a layout in it. I forgot that I had submitted it!

That's all I've got kids. How about some feedback? Hello? Is this thing on?

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Jann said...

Hello dearest.
Glad to know that you are well and among the talented!
We had nearly two inches of snow this fine morning as I was driving to Curves....totally...opened up my garage door to back out and nearly fainted! I was in shock. Could this be any wierder of weather...I think NOT!...LOL
Can't wait for ICE and seeing everyone. Glad to hear the WW is not to hard and that you can still have wine and chocholat! I mean lets not deprive ourselves of everything now shall we?....(wink)
SO PROUD of you getting published again....way cool my friend.
We need to meet up sometime in the late summer of fall in Twin. Not a bad town at all darlink. I go there as much as possible....:o)
Tata for now....how have your tu-lip-so's handled this bad weather?
Love and hugs from what might just be "hell"....LOL

Michelle ~ ~ said...

hey girlie girl ... I'm reading "the Indian in the Cupboard" .... 3rd grade this week ... and I'm tired!! I am so thrilled for you ... may I have an autograph copy of the layout? Hhmmm??? please!!! I'll frame you and say I know the - one and only Miss Lori Renn! Thanks for the invite over the w/e!! I loved being with you girls!!

Sara said...

Hi Missy ~ Lets see the books I have been reading lately are Stephanie Plum series, that are just funny little novels but they seriously make me laugh out loud, I know you would love them. I have one you can borrow if you like. The last good movie I saw was 'Into The Wild' I loved it; but other people have since told me its depressing but I would still recomend it! I have been working on organizing and getting photos printed so I can scrapbook more..you would be so proud! I am not into Lost its too much for me but my whole family loves it. Congrats on the layout getting published! See you soon! Smooches~Sara

LoRi said...

I've read all of those Stephanie Plum books. Love them. They make me laugh! xoxo

Natalie said...

Congrats Lori on the pounds lost! That's fantastic!!! I am also reading the Twilight series and am now onto the third book...love the story and they are super fast reads!

Sorry things didn't work out on Friday and I never did get back to you (OK, sorry again)...with spring break and my mother here I had a list a mile long of things I needed to get done (and didn't even come close)...we will sit down and try and nail a date to get together!!!

Stacey said...

Oh I forgot what I've been reading...

"The Life of Pi" <-- Great book but it's taking me forever to read, I just don't have enough time.

"The Life of Elizabeth I" <-- Shut-up! I love historical books.

"When Jesus Became God" <-- Another historical book about the early Christian Church and the decisions made

And a few others I thumb through when I get the desire to. :)

No movies in the theater, but I want to see Juno when I am able.

Anonymous said...

Well let's see I started a Nora Roberts book but not into it yet. It's been too beautiful here so I've been outside alot! In fact I'm so tan already! Movies I've seen lately... actually I've seen a lot thanks to quicksilverscreen.com, have you been on there? Congrats on the weight loss! I am giving up meat now, so we'll see if that helps too. I know what you mean about wine and chocolate, but here is what I started doing so I don't feel guilty. Phil and I started working out together on Saturdays then we go home take a shower and go to lunch at AJ's, do some winetasting then go buy DK Chocolate truffles. Did you know you could eat DK chocolate when your on a diet?

kk love you girl and I miss you! Still trying to plan my summer are going to W. Island all summer? Part? Let me know maybe I can plan to go see you.
Love, Monica