Opening Day!


Well, the Sox won their first game of the season! This man, my man Manny hit a 10th inning double to pull ahead. So excited for this season. Game 2, tomorrow, 4 am! (from Tokyo again!) Can't wait 'til they come back to the US and I don't have to set my alarm to see them! :0)

I started Weight Watchers online yesterday so I've been trying to learn a little of how that all works. I know many of you who read this have tried WW or other weight loss plans so any helpful hints or words of encouragement are welcome! Anyone who wants to do it along with me, email me at lorirenn@msn.com. It's a helluva lot easier when you've got support!

Kids are off school this week. Seems to be going quickly. I have to take all three to the dentist tomorrow. Good times for sure! Especially with Nate. I have to hold him upside down and tickle him so the dentist can look in his mouth!

Going through this thyroid thing again! I've got a new "nodule" showing up there but the doctor promised me last time (6 months ago) that I would not have to get any more needle biopsies done so I'm holding him to that! That was not fun. I was told today that I have chronic thyroiditis. Gotta go GOOGLE that one!

Peace, Love and Baseball!
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Marci Knecht said...

Good luck with the WW! Its great to know someone else is going it to. If you ever want some support, come on over to the Dixie Pieces board and join us. We do a weekly check in and daily updates.