I got to be creative today! I hadn't made anything in two weeks and I was starting to go a little batty! I made this layout with my favorite pictures of Nate and then used some scraps for the "hello" card. I am loving my new bird stamps from Inkadinkadoo! I created this layout of this silly picture of me and Denise with an "everything but the kitchen sink" mentality. Too crazy and fun! Finally, Denise wanted a canvas with this "superhero" picture of her son Daniel. Every time I look at this picture I crack up. Gotta love those crazy little boys! Glad I got to create today. I received some bad news that I can't get into right now but I am going to keep a positive attitude about it and hope and pray that things come out okay!

Keep on looking at life through {heart shaped} rose-colored glasses my friends!

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Anonymous said...

You know 'I love the way you say Good Morning' no one says it better then you like you do on the day the subject line on the email reads 'a picture for you'!!!

Today started out so bad I cried on the way to work when this silly song came on that reminded me of Jason, I was 15 minutes late thanks to the ever growing Valley traffic and then I had to go deal with all the petty hags I work with, I bit Jason's face off about something work related when he was only trying to help....and then there was your email that even before I opened it just reading the subject line had me smiling!!!

The canvas is BITCHIN!!! The LO of us crazy and funny just like US! I know Right! The LO of Natey....well what can I say other then I love how you love him. It's beautiful and your pictures of him are as precious as he is. The card is so cute feel free to drop it in the mail to ME! :-)

Got my fingers crossed for you!! Be strong and keep the faith for you and HER.


Natalie said...

Love the layouts Lori...super cute...especially L.O.V.E. that bird!!!

Will keep you in my prayers that whatever the bad news is you will be able to handle it.