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My friend Heidi came into town from Park City on Thursday with her daughter Allie and stayed the night. Allie is on the Park City Ski Team and is racing today and tomorrow up at Brundage in McCall. I don't know who was more excited for their visit, me or Nick! Nick has a major crush on Allie and told her this about an hour after she arrived. She told him she just wanted to be friends, you know the whole long distance thing wouldn't work! LOL! They had so much fun playing foosball, Guitar Hero and Photo Booth on their Mac laptop. Heidi and I played Scrabble (duh!) and drank this amazing wine that my friend Wendy sent me for my birthday. Wendy and I had it in Temecula, California a couple of years ago at Wilson Creek Winery and it is amazing! You mix the Almond Champagne with the Decadencia Chocolate Flavored Port. To Die For! Thank you Wendy!! Heidi and Allie left for McCall yesterday. The visit was too short. Kirk took Nick to McCall today to ski and watch Allie race. I'm hanging out with Joe and Nate. Nate is taking a very rare nap right now so I'm going to do a little scrapbooking with some fabulous new stuff that Denise sent me from Jenni Bowlin, Teresa Collins, Bazzill and other stuff. FUN! I am so spoiled! I'm going to see Anna Sali sing tonight. Can't wait. Love her! Well, I better get busy before Nate wakes up!

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Anonymous said...


I love, love, LOVE your work! You are so creative and I always enjoy our blog. I am new to the Treasure Valley and I am curious to where you shop for all your goodies?

Thanks for the help!

LoRi said...

Thanks for your kind words. The best places to shop for scrap stuff here in the TV are Archiver's, Craft Warehouse and Paper Cottage. Although I must admit, most of my supplies come from my friend Denise (my girl on the street) in Arizona!

kelly said...

o.k., did you have to show pictures! You, wine and scrabble! You're breaking my heart!!! The only thing missing is me and some coffee for after the wine. Maybe some chocolate and a good chick movie.
That sets the scenario for our May reunion. Are you on?