Can't Wait!

Only 9 hours and 31 minutes until baseball starts! The Sox are playing their first couple of games in Japan so I have to set my alarm for 4:00 am to see the game! Crazy but I've gotta see it and I've gotta see it live. I just can't watch recorded baseball games!
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Regardless of the outcome, Opening Day still remains as the number one date in the hearts, minds (and on the calendars) of baseball fans everywhere. The official countdown begins after the last pitch of the World Series when we can't wait to hear those two magic words again, "Play Ball!"


Kate O'Brien said...

how cute you are!!! hope the season starts off the way you want it too! :)

Corinna said...

I will be sleeping at 4 am... but for you... Go Sox!

Anonymous said...

Wanted to thank you for the FABULOUS info on the scrapbooking stores! Love them, love you for helping me out, hating my checkbook for the small number it is now showing me! :)

LoRi said...

Happy to enable! Hope you found lots of fabulous stuff!

kelly said...

it makes me smile to see such passion in someone. happy baseball season my friend.