been playing catch up the last couple of days. trying not to procrastinate. i can only get away with that for so long before things pile up and people start getting irritated with me, and i get irritated with myself. so much going on with the kids and their schools and paperwork etc, etc. i just need to get it all done and delivered and off of my desk so i don't have to worry about it any more. well, enough with the boring stuff.

i heard a great quote recently:

"i'm not 40, i'm 18 with 22 years of experience" - author unknown.

oh and i stumbled over these online today. i ordered a bunch! how awesome to give someone a gift of a hundred wishes??? so excited about these.

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Michelle ~ ~ said...

I was just trying to calculate how long it would take me (and you) to ponder 100 wishes and exactly how much good wine we'd consume!!!
see you soon. m