Doctor Joe!!

Well, not yet, but in about sixteen years, maybe!! Joe and I just went to his new High School (gulp!) this morning to register. He will be attending a Medical High School for the next four years (I hope) and then he hopes to go on to pre-med undergrad and med school! Wow, he sure has his work cut out for him but he is so excited and so looking forward to this year! I told him to become a plastic surgeon and keep me looking as fabulous as I do at 40 when I am 80! LOL!



Last night, I took my stepmom, Winnie to see MAMMA MIA! To say I LOVED it would be an understatement! It was one of my all time favorites and I know I will be a movie that I watch again and again while scrapping when it comes out on DVD. I'm going to get the soundtrack today. I laughed throughout the whole movie except for the part when Sophie was sitting on her mom's lap and her mom was painting her toes. I just wept! Such a touching Mom/Daughter moment.

Seeing the live version in New York has now been added to my "Bucket List"!

Hope you are having a fabulous day, my friends! Gotta take Nick to his new middle school tonight to register and for an ice cream social. He's really looking forward to his new school as well!

Lotsa love,
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Lori S. said...

That is awesome!! Good luck, Joe! And Nick too! I really want to see the movie so maybe I will take my mama! Call me & we will go grab a coffe or something next week when school starts. And thanks a million about the Anna Sali info. So love to stay in my "hood" to enjoy stuff like that.

Leigh said...

I've heard so many good things about this movie, I'm going to have to see it!

Nicole said...

How awesome! I think it is so cool that he knows this is what he wants to do. My son is still young enough he thinks he is going to be a pro baseball player LOL

Michelle ~ ~ said...

I am so excited for Joe and more excited for his momma. Loved seeing you today, dad, winnie and nick too. thank you sweet friend!! Girl, you rock!!!

Tammy said...

WOW! You have got to love a kid that knows what he wants for his life. Seeing Mamma mia is on my to do list, so many people say great things about it.
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Chica! I LOVED Mamma Mia. I couldn't help but sing along and I knew all the songs :)

I knew you would love it! Good picture of your Dad and Winnie oh and of the future Dr. Renn!!!


Danielle said...

thanks for the review! I will have to see that one! oh, thanks for the link for the camera straps! I am totally getting one now! :)

Sasha said...

Girl I LOVE that movie .. it was just too good .. I have to admit I saw it again with a friend this past weekend .. it was that good haha..

Have a great weekend girl and Happy Friday

Renee Lamb said...

Wow - good luck to Joe! I like the plastic surgeon idea! LOL - and I soo want to see Mamma Mia!