New Shimmerz Colors!

Ok, I can't show them to you or even tell you what they are but they are beautiful and you are going to love them. I've managed to squeeze in a little time playing with my new Limited Edition Shimmerz Paints this week. They will be revealed on the Shimmerz Blog this Friday so be sure and check them out. You'll even have a chance to win them! I had the pleasure of meeting Stacey the owner of Shimmering Products last week and she is just beautiful, inside and out! I'm hoping to play some more tomorrow and Thursday so that I'll have lots to share on Friday!

Now I am off to the dentist to make my teeth shimmer! LOL



Staci said...

Oh you tease, lol! I want to know what the new colors are!! How fun, can't wait to see! And i loved your LO for GD on TDX!!

Michelle ~ ~ said...

hey girl, you don't play fair! but tis okay .. b/c I'm coming over when I get home! and BTW, if your ears are burning today it will be because of ME and Jann N. I'm hanging out with her today in Idaho Falls. But the most importantly thing I wanted to share is this ... (I do love your quote and girl you do live by it ~ and I know your grass and I know your gardner too!) ... but I saw the photo and I live by this quote "beautiful are the feet of those that bring good news!" Those must be your feet or Becky's either way ... I love the photo!!

Stac said...

You are so sweet! I really enjoyed our little visit. I only wish we'd had all afternoon to chat. We need to get together again really soon. Catch your breath first. . .then let's plan lunch (or something). I can't wait to see what you did with the new Shimmerz colors, you know, Sag------, Rus--- ---, oh and don't forget Be-s---. Tee-Hee. I'm just evil!