summer's almost over...

Boo hoo! This has been the BEST summer I have had in sooo long! So many great memories! I am sad to see it come to an end but I do LOVE fall and the cool crisp air so I look forward to the change of seasons.

I have been tagged by Donna to blog about 6 random thing about me. I feel like changing the rules so I will list my 6 favorite things about this summer!

1-6. Watching Red Sox Baseball!! (Just kidding, that is definitely Numero Uno but there were others too!)

2. New York City with Becky and Kelley!

3. McCall with my girls Stacey, Angie, April and Kat.

4. Visit from my Daddy and Winnie. And hanging out at the Shakespeare Fest with them and the Flemings.

5. Whidbey Island, WA with the family and eating lots of fresh Dungeness crab!

6. Boating with Kirk, Joe, Nick and Nate at Lucky Peak. Riding the innertube and Joe learning to waterski.

All in all, an amazing summer! I'm tagging Wendy Z, Sara T, Stacey D, Kat M, Renee L, and Leslie A to post your end of summer faves!!

I also have to share this pic my cousin Kelley sent me on my phone of her son Ryan (my Godson). He went to his very first game at Fenway Park Friday night!! The Red Sox rolled over the White Sox 8-0. Woo hoo! So happy for you Ry Ry! xoxox


Today I get to go to my very first pig roast. Poor little Porky :( but first I'm going to watch the Sox and make an insane amount of fresh salsa with stuff from my garden!

Enjoy the last days of Summer '08, my friends!
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DonnaBD said...

Hope you enjoyed the pig roast!!!

Jann said...

Amen sistah!
I love summer but ADIRE fall...time for snuggly sweaters and crisp, cool air....:o)
The colors around us...changing swiftly.
Miss ya....

Renee Lamb said...

ooh, a pig roast!! was it good? I just have bad memories about those! LOL - my grandparents were German so always made strange things and we had to eat a pig's stomach once for an Easter dinner...ewwww..Plus my Grandma lost her fingernail in it...double ewwwww...(my mom found it in her plate -roflmao) hahahah...ok probably not the same thing but thought you'd like that disgusting/slightly funny story. And I'm sad summer is ending too...sigh...but at least you had fun and like you i love fall! love ya hun! mwahhhh!

Lori S said...

I have mixed emotions about the change in season too. Fall is my favorite season but it was the best summer so it has been a bit hard to see it be over. Love your list. How was the pig roast?? When is our class?? Loves!