Yankee Stadium...

is being torn down after this season. The new stadium construction is underway and it looks as though the "Evil Empire" is sparing no expense. It was a very surreal feeling for both Becky and me to be walking around in "enemy territory". We did not even want to go and party in the Bronx before or after the game because it felt too weird! LOL. I hated walking around seeing all the Anti-Boston T-Shirts for sale.
:0( The Yankees ended up losing in the tenth inning to the Angels (woo hoo!) Our seats were so high up in the nose-bleed section but what do you expect for a hundred bucks right? Ha! We were lucky to score them at all. Now I can say I have been there although I certainly was not that impressed. Fenway Park blows doors off of that stadium with all of its charm and character and of course my beloved Red Sox!




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The best part of the night was when we met this wonderful man named Nando in a little pizzeria before the game who ran a restaurant in Little Italy. He said we had to come for dinner on Saturday night and he would "take good care of us". Boy did he ever and it was so wonderful! I'll tell you all about that tomorrow! Yum!

Go Red Sox!


Juliana said...

Your photos are awesome! I just loved NYC when I visited a couple years ago!

Danielle said...

More gorgeous pics!!
Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog today, Lori!!

Debbie :-) said...

Wow!! Awesome photos!!! My daughter is flying to NY this coming weekend just to attend a game at Yankee Stadium!!!