More Faves & Raves!

Gotta get this shirt: I think I saw it at Girl Sox Nation.





Season 4 of Entourage came out today on DVD and it is shipping to me from Netflix right now! Woo Hoo. I love me some Vince. Love all those guys. So entertaining. Ari cracks me up!

You gotta get yourself some Tahiti Sweetie lotion from Bath & Body Works. Smells so good. I've been using it daily trying to hold onto my little summer tan for as long as possible! I'm addicted to that whole True Blue Spa line. Thanks a bunch, Denise!!

Sox Vs. Yankees starts tonight in the toilet they call Yankee Stadium. Sox last visit there. So hoping the Red Sox can hold on for a playoff spot. Damn Rays! When the hell did they get so good??

I dropped Dad and Winnie at the airport this morning and then took Nate to meet his new teachers. Hoping for a great year for all of the boys. First day was smooth for Joe and Nick. Fingers are crossed. Last year SUCKED badly for Nick and I can't spend every night talking him off the ledge. Don't have the energy for that! I think his new school is the answer.

Hoping for some ME time this week to scrap, watch baseball and watch Entourage. We shall see how that goes!

Leave me some love and tell me what you are digging right now at the tail end of Summer 'O8!
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Nicole said...

Ooo Gonna have to try that Tahiti Sweetie! Looks awesome!

Ashley Harris said...

Huh, Tahiti Sweetie would be great if I actually got out in the sun. I am as white as the day I was born! Have a great day! Oh and as for summer winding down, I will tell how I feel about it when it is over in AZ around October-ish.

Leigh said...

Love your list. Here's what I'm enjoying lately:
1. Scrapbooking with a friend this afternoon.
2. Trying to get in a few more fun activities with the kids before school starts next week.
3. My new Joico shampoo and conditioner.

Renee Lamb said...

yep - that shirts SCREAMS you!!! love it....oh man...here's keeping toes, eyes, fingers and thighs crossed that school year is easier. And PLEASE find some YOU time. I really miss seeing your work ;)

And you know what I enjoy right now?

1. Patron XO - yum it's tequila with a hint of coffee flavor - oooh...*droooll***

2. being unemployed - yep - really loving being lazy. I adapted pretty quickly ;)

oh BTW - have you tried the cucumber water yet???

Jann said...

I have my fingers and toes, Bentley's ears...crossed that this year will be an easier year for all your boys!
Here's what I have enjoyed today:
Michelle and I running around Southeastern Idaho chatting away and stopping at every craft store there is...LOL
BIGGA glasses of Iced Tea!
Bentley not having an accident in his cage when he has been left since 10 this morning and we got home at nearly 4! Hooray for the tiny one!
Hope your having a gredat day darlink....:o) Huggs for the mug.
P.S. you have to try that Cucumber water. It is fabulous....:o) Thanks so much Renee!

Lori S said...

The shirt is you and then some! Don't watch Entourage but am eagerly awaiting my Grey's to come out on DVD, just in time to catch up before the season premiere! I haven't tried the Tahiti but I have always used B&B Works so I may have to try it out. I am using the Olay Touch of Sun & it is helping me stay a little tan. I love your love for the team but I don't do baseball, I'm a football girl...Go Cowboys! Glad you got to see your family and good luck with the boys this year. You have a tough job but you do an amazing job at being "in tune" with what they need. This will be a good year!! Have fun with your "ME" time! You will need it to re-energize ;) I am totally diggin my Rainbow Sharpies...LOVE them!! And I love the outfits my girls are putting together! So stylish and reflective of their personalities! Great chatting yesterday! xoxo

DonnaBD said...

That shirt is the bomb,just perfect for you!! I'm just diggin' that our pool is still open and its still flip flop weather!
By the way, you've been tagged!