Out and about...

on the boat at Lucky Peak...





Great boat day yesterday. It was HOT! 100 degrees HOT! I actually jumped off of the dock into the 65 degree water because it was so HOT! I rode on the blow up SeaDoo but of course I don't have a picture because I am the only one who takes pictures! Whatev!

Joe and Nick started their new schools today. They are at the same bus stop, different buses. I pretended I was just out for a leisurely stroll with the dog but made sure they got on the right buses and everything. They told me to hide in the bushes so I wouldn't embarrass them! Ha! Nick was off the wall excited. Joe probably was too but he had his usual "whatev", "I don't care" attitude!

Dad and Winnie leave tomorrow and then Nate starts school on Wednesday. All we have to do is get Kirk a job and out of the house and life will be paradise. I dream of a day home alone in my house. Not much to ask, right?

Happy Monday, friends!


Jann said...

Your photo's aren't showing doll...:o(

Lori S. said...
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Lori S. said...

Home alone is so not much to ask from someone that us as busy as you!! Hope you have a great Wednesday!!