I guess I was inspired by World Card Making Day all over again. I was cooped up in my scrap room all day yesterday making cards. I have some overdue birthday cards to send out and some friends celebrating in October as well. I just hate giving away my cards! LOL.



I have not left my house since last Friday. This is so not like me. I am not the hermit type. I'll get out today though. Gonna get to the gym and the grocery store at least! I have bunco tonight and I'm going to bake a giant red velvet cupcake, yum! Most of my bunco babes are total skinny bitches and won't eat it anyway so that means more for the Chub Club!! hee hee.

Yesterday I had my garden's last harvest. The forecast called for freezing temps overnight so I picked the last of my peppers, cukes, onions and tomatoes. I will miss my fresh veggies! And all of that fresh salsa, YUM!

There is frost on the grass this morning and we had to turn on the heat. We are expecting snow in the mountains this weekend. Now it feels like fall!

I've been going through baseball withdrawals this week. The NLCS is tonight but I will miss it. I can't wait for the Red Sox/Rays game tomorrow night!

That's all I've got for now!

Love to ya,

edited: well, i forgot i did leave the house briefly on monday for nate's field trip and birthday celebration at school. crazy me! oh and i mean no disrespect to skinny bitches. most of my friends are skinny bitches and i love them and envy them and really wish i was one! seriously!
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Julie O. said...

Oh yum!!! Can I join your chub club??? LOL!! (I love bunco! and velvet cupcakes!)

Your blog looks great. Everyone seems to changin' them up. I guess I'd better step up to the plate! I've been meaning to for the longest time.

Your cards are great. I have a bunch that I need to send out as well. I should just sit down and do a bunch of 'quickies!' Thanks for the inspiration!

Renee Lamb said...

hey girl! loving the look of the new blog background! gotta check it out for wordpress! and LOVE your cards. you really knocked em out and they are all GOOOORRRRGGEEEOUS! have fun getting out of the house today and have fun at bunco! love that game! xoxoxoxo ♥

Marci Knecht said...

Those are all gorgeous. I can't believe you made them all in one day, especially with all that cutting from the PP paper!

Anonymous said...

u have just been a card makin' fool lately! u go girl
they are beautiful.

rae said...

holy macaroni lori..your cards are GORGEOUS, I always love seeing your work!! And your blog background looks awesome! hugs!

DonnaBD said...

Beautiful cards Lori and yikes! - how'd you do that so fast? Love the new blog design and have some red velvet for me! Have fun watching the game tonight.

Lori S said...

Those cards are amazing! I think that I love them the most because of the color combos you used. B/W Polka dots are always a winner to me but I have been drawn to the turqouise & red. Those are the colors I am doing in my new laundry room, (well remodeled & new red appliance laundry room!) I am finally alive again. I left you a message 'bout your goodies. It hit me so fast Sat, I didn't know if I was comin' or goin'! Thank God for my spouse. Take care.

Sasha said...

Your entire post was a blur after I saw BUNCO and RED VELVET CUPCAKE and I was like (yum yum yum) or at least that is all I was reading LOL .. girl how was it, and yep dont be no hermit boo bear, we cant have my Lori Boo all up in the da hizzy doing the lazy thang LOL .. girl I get like that too, but then I snap out of it, I went to the gym, and then we had our mandatory gym time, you know how that military thang go girl .. SUCKS some days, but hey if it gets this back ass off of me along with my WW then okay I am good .. LOL .. Hope your Weekend is going to be poppin ...